OJ and Fred…The Big Lie…

Maddogg guest writer, T.H. Johnson, OMIG Investigative Organization

The B.S. just keeps getting deeper, as the media attempts to revive its cash cow, O.J. Simpson. He’s the negro they enjoy parading out as their whipping boy. Every five, ten, twenty or twenty-five years within this cycle they love to drag out and demean O.J. Despite the fact of the general public’s inability to cite the names of the two murderers who were convicted of the greatest act of domestic terrorism ever to take place in the United States, in 1995, in the middle

Thousands of search and rescue crews attend a memorial service in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City Friday, May 5, 1995. Rescue crews ended their search after 16 days Thursday for victims of the April 19 car bombing attack. Two bodies are still missing from the explosion. (AP Photo/Bill Waugh)

of the Simpson trial, where they killed 168 men, women, and babies, O.J. Simpson is still the media’s preoccupation. Thus, O.J. somehow achieves the unenviable position of being portrayed as public enemy number one in the United States after all of these years. Even after quietly doing his jail time, and spending 9 years in a Nevada state prison, there is still a preoccupation with O.J. Simpson.

This stands as evidence that whomever was behind perpetrating this fraud to produce this false narrative of O.J. the jealous-hearted murderer, who they will portray as being fanatically infatuated with a white woman gambled successfully on how it would impact the public, and mainly the white public, including the press. Both of which have been psychologically disarmed and manipulated behind this false narrative and manipulated into continuing this tabloid pursuit. Apparently, O.J.’s name is still marketable for their benefit; hence, selling subliminal racial animus in a false narrative to the general public generates advertising revenue and that is apparently much better than the truth. The press doesn’t appear to want to hear or seek the truth, apparently not enough profit in that. Keep your foot on this man’s neck since it has convenient additional benefits as well, in subliminally poisoning white minds to demonize the black man.

You, the press, are hiding the fact that Fred Goldman, father of his deceased son, Ron, had an attempted killer in his midst and Fred knows that it is so and admits to it in his book at the time his son, Ron, was killed. He mentions the person 8 times in his book “His Name is Ron” without ever mentioning the man’s name. However, we at OMIG know who the man is.

Fred and his daughter go on TV masquerading about their loss of their son and sibling while ignoring the transgressions of the father, Fred, which easily may have contributed to those killings. It’s like they have a monopoly on Good Morning America and appears that all they have to do it seems is call up Robin Roberts to book a segment on that show when they feel their opportune time arrives in order to lambaste O.J. Simpson with another hype to make more money. This time it’s a podcast of the usual suspects talking about irrelevancies that have little to do with the empirical evidence in this infamous case.

The malfeasance centers around sworn officers of the court who have continued to conceal case files with evidence that leads away from Simpson in order for those like the Goldmans to go forth and promote the false narrative of Simpson as the modern day Othello. Just another negro gone crazy through fanatical infatuation and lust for a white woman that he emotionally goes over the edge to stalk and kill her. That is the primordial myth that has reinforced Jim Crow laws and segregation in this country for the last 350 out of 400 years.

However, Fred, you knew you may have brought death to your door step or to your family’s due to your own actions. You jumped in bed with the ex-wife, Patti (Glass) Goldman, of an attempted murderer, Illinois drug kingpin, federal drug informant, Marvin Glass, who pre-trial medical doctors diagnosed with a malignant narcissistic affliction, NPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This is an affliction whose characteristics we are often reminded of by the reckless remarks and actions of our present President of the United States, Donald Trump. How personal they take things and the extremely devious reckless re-actions they will take is what exemplifies this abnormality. Such conduct is classically representative of how dangerous Glass potentially was to you, Fred Goldman.

There are few pictures of Marvin and we believe like all confidential informants, their personal information is treated just like your son, Ron, where their arrest photos and other criminal information becomes concealed from public examination by the authorities. This unclear photo of Marvin below, was taken before his being tried for attempted murder of one of his law partners, and the brutal beating by his henchmen of another partner, and the 200 years in Rico charges he faced as a major drug trafficker in Chicago, Illinois. After which no photos have been made available, as the same requests for the four arrest photos we know based on one case your son has as well. At least that is what L.A. Sheriff Deputies who run the central jail tell us each time an arrest is made. Your son Ron was arrested for repeatedly failing to show up for arraignment on criminal charges he was convicted of for his reckless driving conduct and running up approximately $20 thousand in outstanding warrants. The last for $2,500 was dismissed seven days after his death but remained on the books for the last 18 months of his life. Ron was surrounded by criminals hidden by the corporate umbrella of his last job. However, in many ways Ron appeared to mimmick your wife’s ex-husband, Marvin Glass, more so than he did you.

Marvin was once a big man in you and Patti”s past state of residence, Illinois. He could and would contract with his crew to have anybody killed or physically mangled who crossed him. He had his law partner, Michael Pritzker, shot through the head while jogging in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, and his other law partner Roderick Mollisson’s bones broken when he stepped off the El train on his way home. Even before sentencing in front of U.S. District Court Judge John Grady in 1986….. Judge Grady said of Glass, “I cannot muster any significant optimism that the defendant (Glass) will not continue to be a danger to the community”.  However, after interviewing one of his kids, now one of your grown step-sons, we find that once Glass became weakened by an AIDS infection you were not afraid to allegedly assault him and did so, according to his son, outside of Chicago while he was on a cane. Yes, the image is quite vivid in our mind as to how, according to his son, who has a passionate hatred of you, you took his father’s cane and used it to beat him when he stumbled and fell down. It appeared that it was over a disagreement in 1996 with his ex-wife, Patti, now your wife, regarding more money she allegedly wanted, maybe a bit more of those millions he charged the Colombian cartels as his commission for arranging major cocaine transactions. They both probably thought that Marvin had stashed more than he had surreptitiously taken when unlawfully entering Patti’s mother, Elaine Goldman’s safe deposit box. She hurriedly stated that he had unlawfully entered her box without her approval.

Elaine, formerly Jacobs first husband died, she remarried one of Fred’s alleged uncles, Morey Goldman, and we guess Fred was being Patti’s knight in shining armor, enforcer, and stepped up to give Marvin several strokes with his own cane. All Marvin wanted was for he and his oldest son to spend the weekend together and after a call from Patti’s lawyer she became angry over their dispute and began pulling her son away. The son said, he was around 11 years old when you intervened, and according to him he jumped across his father’s body to take the caning you, Fred, were inflicting upon his dad. So, certainly we can see why someone might have their eye on targeting you. What you allegedly did to physically carry on in abusing his children while he was in prison did not go down well with Marvin either. According to what they would allegedly tell him of your brutality when their paternal grand parents, Shy and Tillie Glass, came annually to California to drive them back to see their father at a federal prison hospital in Springfield, Illinois he was not happy with what he was hearing about your abuse of his sons. Thus, you may have been simply marking time until this malignant narcissist emerged from prison, after all he made sure that he had a reason to be in close proximity to you and Patti in Los Angeles at the time your son was killed. He was there supposedly to attend his daughter, Lauren’s graduation from middle school on June 15, 1994. Ron’s body was discovered just two days prior at Nicole Simpson’s residence on June 13, 1994. So, the devious Marvin Glass would have had a good look at your face when the news came to you that your son, Ron, had been killed.

When he got out of prison he was terminally dying slowly from HIV AIDS that he allegedly contracted from a blood transfusion after being struck by a truck while on the run from authorities in Florida. So, from our stand point the question then became why should he kill you quickly when he could bleed you slowly making sure you died from a thousand cuts everyday as retribution from taking something that he perceived belonged to him, his family and abusing his children. At least the medical doctors said that malignant narcissists have a severe problem with people who they perceive have taken something from them no matter how small. Taking a man’s family and the domestic troubles it causes law enforcement authorities is not a little thing. That may have been how devious Marvin was, Fred. The press may have been disarmed by a fraudulent narrative blaming Simpson for your son’s murder with its own racial undertones, but you jumped in front of the cameras to take advantage of Simpson’s destruction too, for your own pecuniary gain knowing your own family’s hands were unclean. However, the authorities were not interested in your back ground since within 15 hours the crime scene tape involving the death of Simpson’s ex-wife and your son had been taken down, they had who would be their man. But do you and Kim think you can hide the facts from us at OMIG? Let me assure you, you cannot. We not only know of your malfeasance but we know a lot of the corrupt acts the state and federal agencies engaged in to destroy the All American sports icon, O.J. Simpson. As your step son told us, Fred, you were mean spirited, and would beat a 15 pound dog into submission with a rolled up newspaper, and knock your step son down a flight of stairs while on crutches, we believe him when he told us that Ron would engage you, his father, in knock down fisticuff fights. So as far as we are concerned, there is no question in our opinion that you are disingenuous as it relates to this matter as is your daughter Kim. .

Ron had problems too, and based on what we’ve been told may have gotten behind in what he owed especially after losing his job at the Cheviot Hills Tennis Courts where he was the clubhouse pro instructor. Allegedly residents told us he’d been openly selling drugs in the parking lot and finally with the neighbors fed up the park administrators were forced to do something about it and let him go. Marvin may have recognized the family flaws and given his weak state decided to take the ultimate action that would hurt you more than physically. So when you went to visit your son’s grave site, you would mentally be reminded of his too, and what you took away from him. Marvin Glass would die almost 3 years after the death of your son Ron. However, there are multiple angles to the deaths of your son and Nicole but the authorities chose the bigoted route in blaming OJ Simpson by asserting a false narrative. In order to protect it, multiple case files OMIG has seen must remain sealed.

T.H. Johnson, is an OMIG investigator and producer of the documentary Serpents Rising: An Independent Investigation of the OJ Simpson Murder Trial. It is available for screening on the Amazon Prime platform. https://www.amazon.com/Serpents-Rising-Independent-Investigation-J/dp/B0046Z2M9M

6 thoughts on “OJ and Fred…The Big Lie…

  1. Thanks for continuing to get the truth out.
    It’s beyond frustrating that people are still brainwashed about this case by the media. Even today, when many know that the media lied about so many thing (Iraq WMD), yet they still believe this. I was just on a zerohedge article on OJ getting on twitter and I did my best to get some truth to those people, including lots of links, but there was only one other person on there who was like me and believed OJ did not to it. (I’m over there as MadelynMarie)


    1. This has been a largely successful experiment it appears for the orchestrators of it without a thought it would have such an everlasting impact. However, the false narrative is sold to people enveloped in domestic abuse with powerful subliminal racial undertones. Thus, you have to bring people back to the table by telling them that the allegations of domestic abuse does not spell murder in this case. I would ask them to articulate what empirical evidence implies that OJ committed murder and then start to point out the hidden irregularities concealed from the public to protect the false narrative.


  2. You must continue to be a diligent soldier on the front line about getting your truth out since you are up against those who control the masses via electronic media as if they are a heard of cattle. Consensus has become the tabloid standard of excellence for determining the truth, and that is certainly an inadequate standard when you have failed to provide the masses with all of the evidence while intentionally suppressing it to hinder the truth. In the meantime try this, https://twitter.com/TheRealOJ32….Peace, OMIG.


    1. Yes, I was actually commenting on this article all day: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-06-16/oj-simpson-joins-twitter-nicoles-death-anniversary-says-he-has-some-getting-even-do (I managed to post a lot of truth and and lots of links, so people can research for themselves)

      A third guy showed up, saying that Fuhrman should never have jumped the fence without a warrant and that the case never should have gone to trial and that Judge Ito should have thrown the case out. So, there were three of us there who knew OJ was innocent. Hopefully, with all of the information I posted, some will start to look into it further.


  3. And don’t you love that OJs on twitter now? And he’s already up to 573k followers (and you know those are real ones). I hope he finds the way to get the truth out. It’s about time people woke up to the media lies!


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