Green Foot/Blue Foot… in the OJ Simpson Trial

Maddogg Guest Writer, Greg Patel, OMIG Investigative Team Member

What was used to disarm lay persons as well as the most powerful entity with the capability to keep an errant and corrupt governmental subdivision in check, the Press? Why did the Press fail to examine so many irregularities regarding evidence in this infamous case? Let’s take one example of that failure. What people like to brag upon that they know ties O.J. Simpson to the murders of two young victims are the shoe prints found at the murder site.

Green Foot (top left) belongs to O.J. Simpson (top right), Blue foot (bottom right) belongs to Glen Edward Rogers (bottom left).

As previously pointed out we, at OMIG, found after viewing the police photos of the shoe prints that the shoes worn by presumably one of the assailants fit perpendicularly inside what a lead detective identified as 11 and 1/2 inch square side walk tiles at the deceased Nicole Brown Simpson’s condominium residence. However, we know from concealed documents assigned case file numbers, in this case, file number 97-222 the testimony of a deputy district attorney, Lea Purwin D’Agostino, that the man in the orange jump suit was in close proximity to Nicole Brown Simpson.

He is Glen Edward Rogers, convicted of multiple homicides and on death row awaiting execution at the Florida State Penitentiary at Raiford, Florida. He fled California after murdering another woman Sandra Gallagher in the fall of 1995. Over these years, OMIG investigators have gained Rogers’ trust to correspond with him on a regular basis due to additional information hidden from the public in his death row appeal file in the state of California where he was brought to stand trial in 1999 for the California murder he committed. Pre-trial medical doctors diagnosed Rogers with having a congenital psychotic disease that if left un-monitored could lead to him committing extreme violence, called Mad King George’s Disease, or Acute Intermittent Porphyria, named after the afflicted British King George III, the monarch on the throne in Great Britain at the time of the American Revolution.

It was Dr. Henry S. Johnson, OMIG Chairman, who opined in the early fall of 1996 when someone secretly delivered the autopsy reports to his office of the murdered victims in the Simpson case, that a left handed assailant placed those four stab wounds into the left side of Nicole Brown Simpson’s neck. The medical examiner’s measurement of the exit wounds describe a single edge knife with the blunt side facing eyes forward and the sharp edge of the knife facing towards the rear over her left shoulder. It would be almost impossible for a right handed person as O.J. Simpson to place these deep stab wounds into the left side of her neck with the sharp edge of the knife facing her rear. However, it would be extremely simple for a left handed assailant to do so and slit her throat too by starting in the opposite direction from under her right ear dragging the blade deeply across the mid-line of her throat before pulling out with the knife.

A younger Glen Rogers in 1996 during his murder trial of Tina Cribs in Tampa, Florida, and Nicole Brown Simpson, ex-wife of O.J. Simpson.

In 2014, T.H. Johnson, OMIG’s (Ocean Medical Investigative Group) Investigative Team Coordinator, had been corresponding with Rogers on death row for the prior 14 years after Rogers and his public defender received an inquiry from OMIG in 2000 regarding their knowledge that a California judge had hidden medical records with evidence that pre-trial medical doctors had diagnosed Rogers with the strain of the disease porphyria that attacked the brain and not the appendages of his body. Johnson inquired as to whether a proper inquiry was made before his murder trial in Florida resulting in a death sentence, since given the nature of the disease which is the basis for the fabled tale of werewolves and vampires, Rogers may have legitimately been insane when he killed multiple women with a knife, while intimately engaging with them, and one of those women may have been Nicole Brown Simpson.

The hidden medical revelation regarding Rogers mental state allowed OMIG investigators later to get Rogers to open up and explain how he came about receiving the nickname “lefty”. Rogers described in his hand written letter above that he was left handed and that he received that nickname from the owner of a tobacco farm where he cut tobacco stalks to make money. He claims in his letter to T.H. Johnson that being left handed gave him the ability to cut tobacco stalks much faster than others allowing him to make more money cutting 1,000 stalks per day.

As a result of an Executive to Executive Correspondence between governors of California and Florida which was arranged via the political connections of the prominent deputy D.A. Lea D’Agostino, who was called the Dragon Lady, Rogers was taken in the rare instance from death row in Florida to stand trial in California finally in 1998.

OMIG investigators have a similar relationship of trust with former Nevada inmate O.J. Simpson, and was able to secure a tracing of both individuals foot to determine whose foot best fit in the shoe sole that left the bloody prints at the Bundy murder site in June of 1994. Did Simpson’s green foot allegedly fit better in those rather expensive $200 casual Bruno Magli Lorenzo model shoes, or did Rogers’ blue foot fit better in those shoes?

Which one above do you the public think fits the assailant’s foot the best for the purpose of committing the murders at 875 South Bundy, in Brentwood, California, Simpson’s green foot with the toes and arches extending outside the shoe sole? Or Rogers’ blue foot with more spacious room inside the shoe. Which one fits the bill as being the foot inside those shoes that made the prints in blood at 875 South Bundy on the night of June 12, 1994?

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