Maddogg guest writer, OMIG Investigations T.H. Johnson

On Jimmy Kimmel’s show last week on the 25th anniversary of the O.J. Simpson Bronco chase on 06/17/2019 Kimmel offered an OJ joke on his show that exhibits the misleading information that I think is so dangerous to the perennially delicate racial relations and in particular to the health of black men in this country. I explain the impact of the danger of Kimmel’s joke and how such pop culture media is used to embed that seed of racism subliminally in the minds of others. Click on the segment link below to see and hear it at approximately 1:40 in the Jimmy Kimmel clip. https://abc.go.com/shows/jimmy-kimmel-live/video/featured/VDKA10577121

JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! – “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” airs every weeknight at 11:35 p.m. EDT

1.) He refers to Simpson as that “sociopath” and “Heisman Killer” further implanting the negative seed of the concept of Simpson’s guilt in the minds of a full studio audience cheering him on as the signal is broadcast via satellite across the nation to an audience of several million people.

2.) In his joke he cites erroneous information which is either intentionally misleading or indicative of Kimmel’s complete ignorance regarding the accuracy of evidence associated with this case. It’s meant presumably to be offered as an innocent joke however given the degree of subliminal racism that exists in this nation, beyond the overt kind, it veils a dangerous racial animus that potentially impacts the general welfare of blacks, and in particular black males, in this nation. Relative to OJ’s new Twitter account and its 750 thousand followers, Kimmel jokingly states “the last time OJ’s had these many people following him he was on the 405 heading for the Mexican border”.

Thus, Kimmel is used simply to continue to plant fraudulent seeds in the minds of the general public via mass communication in an presumably innocuous manner regarding the Simpson case. The impact we can only predict effects so many people prone to commit violence particularly those acting under the color of authority while hiding behind a badge.

OJ Simpson was in a vehicle heading in the opposite direction away from the Mexican border. He was returning from the cemetery where his ex-wife was buried. This is approximately 60 miles south of Los Angeles in Orange County which is as the Mexican border south of L.A. Al “A.C.” Cowlings was behind the wheel, and called the police twice, which most people are unaware.

The authorities conveniently have failed to bother to tell people that the first time Cowlings calls 911 is before exiting the Orange County cemetery informing them the first time that he had OJ in the car and was heading back north towards Los Angeles and not south towards the Mexican border. The convenience of having temporary amnesia based on what we know now is by design that was intended to cover up the malfeasance that was underway immediately after the bodies were found 4 days earlier by sworn officers of the court on June 13, 1994.

This call on the following clip was the second time Cowlings called 911, and it was at the time that the TV networks first tuned into what the police already knew was going on. This may have provoked the inexplicable angry remark we could not comprehend at the time by A.C. Cowlings “You Know who I am God Damnit!” Cowlings can be heard below at 2:40 into the clip of O.J. Simpson’s Slow Speed Chase: Al Cowling’s Call to 911 on 17 June 1994 . https://youtu.be/BOSn-46SWu0

In his own heightened emotional state at the time it is now understandable why he may have used such angry words which seemed out of place with all of the armed police surrounding him. He’d just gotten off the phone not long ago if as Cowlings states he was still on the I-5 Freeway and not yet driven onto the I-405 a few miles further north in Orange County. The 405 would take them back towards Simpson’s residence in Brentwood where most of the TV coverage was following the alleged slow speed chase. Even that concept is an oxymoron since all cars were doing 35-40 MPH when police cars as civilian cars have speedometers that go up to 120 MPH. Certainly, Simpson and Cowlings were not attempting to run at that speed or the police cars could have out run and surrounded them. This narrative again was simply structured to impact the subliminal racial consciousness and its implicit sense of supremacy and its double standard as to, “why doesn’t the Negro stop!” It doesn’t bother to consider how other celebrities have acted, i.e. Lindsey Lohan and Mel Gibson-when they’ve engaged with law enforcement. No big deal they were just drunk or high on drugs. The media did not take the time to examine the state of the emotional mindset of the defendant at the time.

The black man, no matter what his mental state is always held to a different standard, even if he is psychologically insane he should have been in control of his mental faculties to not offend white folks. That is the basic conclusion one can draw from this. This is ongoing, the number of black men who are mentally deficient and still executed by death penalty states like Texas and Florida has been the subject of a number of academic studies. So the concept of the crazy negro being expected to be in control of his mental faculties at the height of insanity is not new.

A.C. says Simpson has a gun to his head and only wants to get to his home where his mother was located, those were apparently the last two people, Nicole and his mother, that he wanted to express his final remorse since it appeared that he felt he was either going to get the death sentence or was going away to prison for the rest of his life w/o parole for this crime. However, many of you were prompting the police to stop the vehicle and arrest those two Negroes with little concern for Simpson’s mental health, only his friend Cowlings could be bold enough to exhibit that level of concern. As often as we watch police sit for hours outside a house where an armed white man is located they will bring out the negotiators and patiently prompt him to come out. Very seldom is a black man given that option. “We had to shoot him because he had a weapon and posed a danger to officers on the scene”. How often have we heard that when a black man, or woman in now more instances, is gunned down by police?

Hence, it is that type of poisoning that poses a dangerous threat to particularly the black male within our society. Kimmel’s joke was supposed to be funny and to most white folks they would ask what’s the big deal, after all he’s a comedian but to African American men like myself, his joke was not funny. First and foremost it simply conceals another one of the lies that allows corrupt officials to bury the truth regarding the depth of their own malfeasance and miscarriage of justice in arguably the most celebrated trial in the history of the United States; “the OJ Simpson trial of the Century”. They lied about the blood, the shoes, the time, the knives, the hands that wielded the knives, they lied about virtually everything in the Simpson case. These corrupt officials have used judges who apparently owe them favors using their judicial authority surreptitiously to conceal the truth of evidence in various documents with case file numbers including BA-097211, BA-109525, 91C00362, 97-222, usdoj/oic 9403575.

Again the public has been massaged with this erroneous information in order for it to sink deeply into their psyche to such an extent that they ignore the malfeasance, manipulated and planted evidence by members of the justice system in the Simpson case. The public can tell you the two people who were in that white Ford Bronco in 1994 and are reminded of it even in 2019 whenever they see a white Ford Bronco. However, those same people whose minds are so continuously massaged with the madness of the Simpson case cannot tell you who the two people were that were convicted of committing the greatest act of domestic terrorism to occur within the border of the United States.

Those two men were responsible for killing over 168 men, women and babies in the middle of the O.J. Simpson trial in 1995 and the majority of those people in the audience laughing at Kimmel’s joke it is doubtful could even tell you their names.

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