Maddogg Guest Writer, OMIG Investigator, T.H. Johnson

Valeria was a cheery child. Not even 2 years old, she loved to dance, play with her stuffed animals and brush her family members’ hair according to her grand mother, María Estela Ávalos; they drowned this week in the Rio Grande upon being denied to ask for asylum in the U.S. due to violence and poverty in their own home country of El Salvador. This was written in an article this week in the Washington Post by Reis Thebault, Luis Velarde and Alex Horton. Her father, Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez, was attempting to come into the United States by swimming across the Rio Grande River.

That was after being turned away from lawfully applying for asylum at the international bridge between Matamoros, Mexico and Brownsville, Texas. Thus, it appears that we have become deliberately selective in promulgating our right to intervene in dangers that threaten the United States pursuant to the Monroe Doctrine. In 1962, we were prepared to potentially engage in nuclear conflict with the USSR which was led by its bombastic and bellicose leader, Premier Nikita Kruschev.


The United States President, John F. Kennedy, was determined not to allow any missiles in Cuba that would be in close proximity to the US and could be launched from that island to cause great damage to cities in this country. Kruschev’s ships never got any further than approaching the mid-point in the Atlantic Ocean and before it reached the point of warfare both sides had reached a substantive agreement to avoid combat.

However, even though the US is a leading member of the OAS (Organization of American States) it seems so dimwitted to come up with any type of joint solutions to bring stability back to that region of the North American continent that El Salvador, along with a number of other countries share with the U.S. on the lower end of this continent.

Consider the enormous billions of dollars we have given annually to Israel, since we backed their sovereign status as a nation in 1948. We have given them over $100 billion dollars in just the 50 years they’ve been in existence in order to maintain the stability of that country in the Middle East, 8 thousand miles away from the U.S. We have not given that intensity of financial commitment to all four of the nations over twice as many years that we have maintained a relationship with our Latin American neighbors.

Consider the number of troops we still maintain in the nation of Iraq to help, albeit fruitlessly so often, to maintain some sense of tranquility in that region. However, when it comes to Central America’s hot spots, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, and El Salvador, we seem to have nothing we can do for them to guarantee tranquility there. It makes a mockery out of the organization named the OAS, which stands for the Organization of American States and addresses the needs of these countries in our Western Hemisphere of North and South America. It appears that as long as no one beyond these two nations offers to intervene, the US will do little to reduce the violence and economic disparity in the region, if they do then we can expect there to be the traditional saber rattling.

The idea of being the great guarantor of democratic freedom around the world, is truly revealing when people get close to those nations that are in our back yard. Our failure to invoke any effort to save lives, boost economic viability, and maintain tranquility in our own back yard reminds one of someone’s property who you assume when seen on the streets is neat and orderly.

The truth is, once inside our back yard the reality of raggedness and chaos is revealed. Unfortunately, the raggedy persona of the US divulges a visage of xenophobic racist attitudes, neglect, and ambivalence directed at brown skin people from south of the border. The conclusion appears to be, “if you’re white you’re alright, but if brown don’t stick around”.

T.H. Johnson is the Investigative Team Coordinator of OMIG (Ocean Medical Investigative Group) and has written several books regarding the OJ Simpson conspiracy while producing the documentary on the Amazon video platform Serpent’s Rising: An Independent Investigation.

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