Maybe it’s time for you loyal supporters to take inventory of the damage done to this nation’s esteem by Mr. Trump. You have a man whose embellished lies he utters so profusely one gets tired of counting, thus his lack of credibility should be strike number one. When he, as your President, refuses to analyze the shoot from the hip domestic and international decisions made that are a major threat to you and your family’s personal well being, that should be strike number two. When the evidence of all of the tales of his own personal debauchery just keep piling up, of women giving him golden showers (peeing on his head), involuntarily pushing women into rooms to strong arm them into sexual acts, continued allegations of sex with minors, as well as his official condoning of a policy of separating families at our border, and caging infant children fleeing violence from countries south of our border whose politics we’ve masterminded to our benefit in the past. That should be strike number three. It is beyond just Trump now, it is you who must decide. Is the Executive Branch of this government of the United States going to be run with a level of professional decorum or is it going to, with your tacit approval, continue to decline into being seen as a comical joke. Many of you who continue giving empty excuses for your support for his impotent policies need to reevaluate the negative realities now bestowed upon our nation. Is it to be restored to its position of international credibility as a reasonable global arbitrator, or are we to foolishly remain blinded by our own misguided sense of supremacy backed by foolish gunboat policies of intimidation? Trump along with other hot-heads like John Bolton have never tasted the heat of battle in any theater of war but will place your sons and daughters on the firing line to sacrifice their blood due to their personally erratic decisions while selling bankrupt wolf tickets? The mounting threat due to your comfort zone with this Presidency is to have it permanently stained and seen around the world as a joke, and nothing more than a rendition of the old Amos N’ Andy skits of the secret decisions made internally by members of the Mystic Knights of the Sea Lodge Hall. My fellow Americans, I caution you, that that is simply not a good spot to be in.>>>>>Just sayin!

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