You think these outrageous Negroes you see supporting Donald Trump just showed up out of no where on the media doorstep by coincidence? Many of them have already been recruited by various demented think-tank organizations and or sought out by billionaire contributors to Political Action Committees. They are often chosen to be purposely disruptive in the African American community. All of them have one thing in common, the persona of being a hyper-extrovert.

Now they introduce a new weird Negro, this fool, Ali Alexander, an alleged convicted felon for stealing. This dummy presents some strange feeble minded argument that Kamala Harris is not an African American, then waits for the chime bells to start ringing allegedly with demented white folk weighing in, like Donald Trump, Jr., in an attempt to co-sign on the topic raised by this latest flavor of Negro.

This strange Sammy Davis looking fool is a living testament to how physically mixed up African-Americana is. Yet he doesn’t want to recognize Kamala’s ancestral arrival in this diaspora in the Western Hemisphere through the involuntary kidnapping of humanity from the African continent. Just like it makes her who she is, it makes his dumb dimwitted behind who he is. Africa is the place of origin of the ancestors of millions of people whose forefathers were pressed into the horrors of rape, beatings, and torture by kidnapping in the institution of slavery for our extended experience in this African diaspora in the West. Thus, whatever this simpleton considers Harris to be, the African designation is first and foremost that defines our common bond, and hers as a result of he father’s Afro-Jamaican linage. Her forefathers had no choice where their ship was destined and where they got off when it landed, any more than yours, Ali. Since she was born in Oakland, CA she without question is an American citizen, and thus by identity an African-American. She is as much an American citizen, and an African American citizen, as much as the Scotch-Irish, Germanic and Ashkenazik (Caucus Mountain) Jewry and other white folks whose boots and ass your Uncle Tommish lips pleasurably enjoys kissing. Her linage is in order, it is yours that is in question you fake ass Ali Akbar, Ali Abdul, Ali Razaq, Ali Alexander or whatever flavor your fake ass is determined to be this week that is in question.

If you’ve got to publicly hustle that’s on you, don’t bring meaningless b.s. into the game, it just makes your motives more suspect, Jailbird Alexander. You look like, when you wear your glasses, that you have a modicum of intelligence. Well, if that’s so, then you know that white folks long ago established a standard of who you were in this country with their de jurie laws of Miscegenation that said just “one drop of black blood makes you black” in America. Most things white folks offer we question or dismiss, however, we’ve happily kept that proclamation as it expands my population and diminishes his. So guess what, we claim all of ours, no matter how light or how dark they may be, and certainly caramel Kamala qualifies by any standard to be recognized as ours. Now you, however, are another question, along with the idiot Donald Trump, Jr. Whether we by choice would claim your jail bird behind is up in the air, but by the same standard that we determine she is an African American we have little choice but to accept your dumb ass as one too. Get the money if you have to from Mercer and the others you are pandering to with your bitch ass but don’t besmirch another African American with your idiotic madness, especially our Kamala Harris. …..Now git, you freaking penny pimpin’ charlatan!

5 thoughts on “STRANGE FRUIT NEGROES….

  1. More hate..perfect, just what we needed. You rock brother. Who is really getting used? That is truly the question. Jesus still loves you!


  2. Who is the man is on the left in the collage of pictures with Kanye and Diamond or Silk, (IDK which is which) wearing the red shirt with black sport coat? He looks like a guy wanted by the FBI for the insurrection.


    1. That individual is Pastor Darrell Scott, one of the black Christian ministers appointed by the Trump staff early in his administration to help drum up black support for Donald Trump. Although he may have been at the January 6th , 2021 seditious insurrection staged at the nation’s capitol unlike others, like the main Negro in the article, Ali Akbar, and some others including one wielding and swinging a bat at Capitol police, we have not found any photos with Darrel Scott in them at the capitol during the insurrection this past January…….. Maddogg


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