Maddogg Guest Commentator, T.H. Johnson, Investigator with the OMIG Group

I guess I know why I like this song so much now, since it reminds me a lot of the duplicitous acts that take place like those subsequent things below.

Keep in mind the man in the first photo seen above, talking to the late Hugo Chavez, former President of Venezuela wearing the red shirt , is Nicolas Maduro, the present President of Venezuela. They and their supporters claimed to know who is behind destroying their economy, and hiding its hand. They may be correct in their assumption since it certainly appears to be associated with a very strange occurrence in the predominantly black controlled island territories of the United States Virgin Islands back around January of 2012. It appears that there was a political conspiracy being orchestrated in an attempt to destroy two birds with one stone, Hugo Chavez because of his radical anti-status quo position in Venezuela. Prior to his assuming the presidency the criticism was that the blancos, wealthy white Euro-Venezuelans controlled the government and economy of the nation at the expense of the historically evolved dark skin Afro-mestizo group of Venezuelans, which has become the majority of the population in that nation. With the antagonistic relationship that evolved with the United States, as a result of the power shift , Hugo Chavez developed his own independent national relationships with those the U.S. traditionally frowned on. Chavez agreed to provide Cuba with petroleum byproducts in exchange for Cuba sending medical doctors to provide medical care for the poor communities of Venezuela that historically have received little or no health care services at all.

So one can assume that January of 2012 provided the perfect opportunity for Obama detractors in the US to underwrite the destruction of the first black US President, Barack Obama. We know that Obama had his detractors for no more than because of…well…just their racial dissatisfaction in America of having a black Commander in-Chief.

Obama also was seen as taking a more friendly posture towards Chavez and the Castro administration in Cuba to the antagonism of his detractors and the opposition Republican party, led generally by Senator Mitch McConnell in the US.

So the Obama detractors decided to conduct what looked like a behind the back bank shot on the pool table whereby clandestine operatives planning on making Obama a one term President made their move. They would attempt to embarrass Obama before the voters in the US hoping that the blacks in the US Virgin Islands would act crazy when they had the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) levy a whopping unbelievable $750 million dollar fine against the owners of the Hovenza Oil Refinery on the US Virgin island of St. Croix.

The refinery which was half owned by the Venezuelan government was responsible for providing about 500,000 BBLs of gasoline and refined oil products to the U.S. mainland per day. It now had to close down in early 2012 within 90 days of the announcement. This sent shock waves through the USVI, causing panic, and some civil disorder since the Hess family, the other owners of the Hovenza refinery had provided subsidized refined oil products to the territory for the last 60 years. Thus, with 2012 being the second term election to be decided for Barack Obama 10 months later in November the move was intended to destroy his credibility between February and the date of the November election by creating a black chaotic situation facing a black President.

However, they failed since the chaos within the USVI did not get way out of hand, so Obama would once again receive an overwhelming vote at the poll guaranteeing a second term in office. This was certainly against the plans of those like Senator Mitch McConnell who allegedly led a covert cabal of Obama bashers prior to his taking office in January 2009 with the intent of denying any and everything Obama sent up to Congress. However, that reckless move they took in the USVI would have the impact intended by devastating the national economy of Venezuela. It is a nation that depended heavily on its oil revenue to sustain a healthy and vibrant economy. By pretending that the economic damage is due to Maduro’s regime embracing socialism is consummately dangerous and disingenuous. The Maduro supporters believe, as we predicted, it was caused by the US’s own Machiavellian intrigue and duplicity through damaging actions putting thousands out of work and closing down the refinery in the US Virgin Islands.

The loyalists in support of Maduro will probably wage bloody guerrilla warfare fighting to the death against anyone who attempts to replace their government by engaging in such duplicitous acts of international intrigue. Thus, that type of warfare in the region of the US could blow back into the US by impacting its on and off shore assets. Certainly anyone entertaining such stupidity has a myopic view of the world’s realities. The pervasive lie the US has told which was intended to replace the present administration has only hardened their resolve in Venezuela. These are bad precedents to send professional soldiers into a theater of war based on erroneous and fraudulent information to militarily engage an opponent. Americans should not allow the arrogance and fraudulent lies of greedy operatives to needlessly cost the many young lives of our military personnel. Based on the tenor of the people’s feelings in that country any warfare there involving US personnel could become a total prolonged costly disaster similar to Viet Nam and/or Afghanistan for the US. As a result another multi-trillion dollar war could bring irreparable damage not only to Venezuela but to the US as well.

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