The Dilemma of Price in the OJ Simpson Case

Maddogg Guest Commentator OMIG Public Affairs Officer, Lucian Piccard

The move in southern California was intended to maintain silence regarding a violent man’s relationship with O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole, in order to fortify their false narrative and allegations against O.J. Simpson. The question now is will those who desire to maintain that permanent silence get their wish?

They’d of course love to continue to hide their hand in this sordid affair by having another state do their will by lawfully silencing this man. However, has the information they have feverishly acted to conceal in the O.J. Simpson matter continued to hold up Rogers’ date with the electric chair?

An associate sent OMIG a story update regarding the serial killer, Glen Edward Rogers, presently residing on death row in the Florida State Penitentiary. This is about Glen’s 23rd year of awaiting his date with the electric chair or lethal injection in a state known for dispatching those rather efficiently who are sentenced to death in that state, including the mentally insane. In the story found in the link above, the mother of the murdered victim, Linda Price, of Jackson, Mississippi has petitioned the Governor of the state of Florida to move forward in establishing an execution date for the man who murdered her daughter. That man, Glen Rogers, made Linda Price his second of a probable six victims in six weeks, at least as we know, once he departed California on the run, after strangling Sandra Gallagher to death in Van Nuys, California and setting her body on fire in her pickup truck in the fall of 1995.

However, OMIG investigators have communicated with Mr. Rogers for the last 19 years, in an attempt to determine the degree of intimacy in the relationship he had with Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. There is no doubt, as far as these investigators are concerned, that he was in close proximity to Nicole Brown Simpson because there are documents OMIG came upon in the Los Angeles County Superior Court and Kenneth Hahn County building in 2000, just north of the courthouse on North Temple Street, regarding Rogers and Ms. Brown Simpson in close proximity. However, much of the relationship is rendered unclear by officials engaging in redaction of specific information wiping that information out with a black marker. These documents containing vital information concerning Rogers have been, along with other mitigating evidence implying Simpson’s innocence, sealed and otherwise concealed from the public.

These type of acts of concealment in the O.J. Simpson case are quite prevalent and not new as OMIG investigators have found in the Simpson case that they have been investigating for the last 23 years.

The three men above, Judge John Reid, then deputy D.A., William Hodges, now Assistant D.A., and former D.A. Gil Garcetti’s names are prevalent on a number of those documents sealed that has hidden information or evidence involving Glen Rogers and Nicole Brown Simpson or O.J. Simpson.

Two of those many documents center around the perennial political nemesis to all of the male D.A.s of Los Angeles County, the hard ball playing deputy D.A. known as the Dragon Lady, Lea P. D’Agostino. She placed sitting D.A. Gil Garcetti in a potentially embarrassing situation by doing what was considered the impossible by getting a man sentenced to death off of death row in Florida and transported back to California to stand trial for murder. For her effort Garcetti and his minions had to move quickly to isolate and silence D’Agostino who they apparently thought was out of their lives when the former L.A. D.A., Ira Reiner, banished her to the far flung county post in Van Nuys. However, they found out otherwise that D’Agostino still held political influence even out there with the potential of impacting the central office in downtown L.A.

Where the hidden truth in the Simpson case impacts the execution date in Florida for whether it for Rogers gets sped up, is associated with the mental disease that California doctors appear to have articulated much better prior to the Roger’s trial in 1999 than the doctors did in his murder trial in Florida in 1996. Except for the thorough job the doctors did on behalf of Rogers but which was arguably too late during the sentencing phase of his trial in Florida. They were the only doctors whose diagnoses align with the hidden information OMIG investigators found in his California trial records. They brought this information to his lawyers’ attention that California doctors indicated in their pre-trial examination that Glen Rogers is afflicted with a psychiatric congenital disease known as Mad King George’s Disease. It appears that the LADA’s office did not want this to become public knowledge that a man with such a psychotic disease was with Simpson’s ex-wife. This affliction which can strike the afflicted individual unknowingly at any time and can render him as to becoming out of control of his mental faculties. The psychotic impact of this disease can cause him to act in a murderous rage, with extreme violence, while in that temporary uncontrolled psychotic state. It’s clinical name is Acute Intermittent Porphyria but is nicknamed, Mad King George’s Disease, for the British king who reigned at the time of the American Revolution, King George III.

The severity of this disease would require his being declared unfit to rule and placed behind bars in Windsor Castle for approximately the last ten years of his life. This was done not only to provide protection for his safety but to provide protection for the safety of others whose lives were in danger while under an attack of the affliction. This is the disease Rogers has, and there is a potential financial liability exposure for the state of Florida with the Rogers’ children because the state’s authorities should have been aware of his psychiatric disability when they failed to grant him a proper pre-trial conference to determine his eligibility to stand trial based on the impact of the disease. There are multiple strains of the disease all but one attack the appendages of the body and the skin.

Rogers has the only strain of the affliction that exclusively attacks the brain and that is Acute Intermittent Porphyria or Mad King George’s Disease. Both types of the disease are believed to be used as the basis for the popular fabled stories of vampires and werewolves. Since Rogers appeals have all expired almost a decade ago, according to him, this knowledge of the disease that was brought to his attorneys’ attention by OMIG investigators as a result of what California has concealed in the O.J. Simpson case he believes may be the only thing that has prevented his execution. It simply raises further questions regarding the credibility of Los Angeles officials and the case they brought against O.J. Simpson given all of the various case files with information they have concealed that would give one pause to think Simpson may be totally innocent of the charge of double homicide. These officials knew about this information concerning Rogers since it was brought to their attention by one of their own, yet they attempted to shut her down, Los Angeles County Deputy D.A. Lea P. D’Agostino. When they take such drastic actions of concealing information they simply leave a paper trail for agencies like the Ocean Medical Investigative Group to follow. Generally it is people who they have left behind and assumed would quietly condone their acts of malfeasance whose ethical obligation would not allow them to remain silent. This is who OMIG investigators seek out time and time again, and usually they will find them.


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