Commentary by Maddoggbuttkickin’ Brown

Truthfully, you’d probably do better and get out of jail sooner if you just held a press conference down at the Stockholm jail and told this fool in the Whitehouse in a public statement, “thanks but no thanks”,

and tell Kim that since you, A$AP, are not going to do 30 years hard labor, to just stay in her lane and do what she’s been doing over here and make sure her feeble minded MAGA hat wearing husband takes his medicine on time. Move them away from playing you like a sucker.

The Swedes know this fool is playing you by playing games in some retarded attempt to appeal to the black community.

But for real, man, we don’t know you and don’t really care that much, though we feel bad for anyone jailed unjustly. If he’ll make fun of those with special medical conditions and cage infant children who die in his custody at the border why would we believe he really cares about you, particularly someone whose generally unknown to most of the rest of us?

However, you’re not Smokey, or Luther, or Peabo or Baby Face, A$AP. I can’t even hum a song you’ve made, especially when it jumps off with Mother F****k*r. Those that like that kind of music probably don’t make up the majority black vote anyway, so once again, Trump has taken a shoot from the hip approach in an attempt to influence the black community. However, his plays don’t help you with the Swedes, A$AP, so think about it and tell him to mind his own business and let you take care of your own.

So for all intent and purposes, and just keeping it real, you might as well consider yourself a sap, ASAP, being manipulated by this Orange colored fool in D.C. who really doesn’t give a damn about you himself. He’s a clown, this so called “Art of the Deal Maker” just trying to spend a dollar to make fifteen cents but now at your expense.

No doubt he’ll probably get a few folk that he can lie about and inflate as supporting him, since there’s always a few Negro wine heads sitting around that will go along with anything for their moment in the spotlight.

But the rest of us, No! So, if I were you, I would tell this fool quickly to dummy up because he really is not helping you, in fact you might be held longer because even heads of nations around the world have little respect for him, especially those who are members of NATO like Sweden who he’s disrespected time and time again.

His voice weighing in on anything is like being dealt an Ace that’s no help

A$AP’s Ace and no help.

and that is truly the situation you find yourself in, A$AP, by no falt of your own, brother.

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