On the eve of the 25th Anniversary of the end of the OJ Simpson criminal trial an overlooked psychiatric affliction impacting the O.J. Simpson case has remained unrevealed until the Donald Trump Presidency.

By OMIG Investigative Team Coordinator, T.H. Johnson

As we approach the threshhold of the 2020 National Presidential election in November something else has occurred to us. We are also approaching the 25th anniversary of the jury’s verdict of acquittal in the O.J. Simpson criminal trial, on October 3, 1995. There are similarities regarding the tension surrounding the Donald Trump era today with its racial innuendoes as it was 25 years ago surrounding the Simpson trial. Having taken note of how the press and bureaucrats have finally become aware that this President has serious mental problems, still they appear to either be gaslighting the American public as to how dangerous Trump’s mental state is, or they do not totally grasp the ramifications of what appears to be his affliction. Trump appears to exhibit the classic symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and due to his aggressive, reckless and often, incoherent behavior he could be classified as a dangerous malignant narcissist.

The word, narcissism, itself comes from Greek mythology whereby a mythological figure, a hunter named Narcissus falls fatally in love with himself.

Due to the pain he brought by turning down the affections of a nymph named Echo he’s lured by a female goddess, Nemesis, to a clear pool of water to quench his thirst. As he leaned over the water and saw himself in the bloom of youth Narcissus did not realize it was merely his own reflection; yet, he fell deeply in love with his own image, as if it were someone else. Unable to leave the allure of his image, he eventually realized that his love could not be reciprocated and he melted away from the fire of passion burning inside him, eventually turning into a gold and white flower. [8] [9]wikipedia.

This relatively innocuous story has become the basis for the name of the affliction because of the similarities of self-consumed adoration. Yet the depth of the disorder is more insidious than the story does justice. It first came to our investigative department’s attention at OMIG (Ocean Medical Investigative Group) while involved in a continual independent investigation regarding the criminal irregularities and malfeasance in the O.J. Simpson case in circa 2000. Much has been hidden and concealed from an entranced public consumed by this case over the years in order to protect the false narrative that has been promoted as the basis for condemning Simpson as the murderer of two people.

The false narrative with its powerful racial undertones has mentally disarmed a large swath of the American public. The latter 20th century murder case of O.J. Simpson was built around the poorly constructed allegations based upon a classical narrative of the 16th and early 17th century. The premise was that O.J. Simpson, the ennobled Negro, acted out of rage and jealousy. With utter disregard for life he’s alleged to have brutally stabbed and slashed his former ex-white wife’s throat. The subtlely disarming factor condemning Simpson is built around the subliminal sense of his being an “ungrateful” black man. Ungrateful because he had been perceived to be accepted within the bastions of white privilege; ungrateful because whites with the help of Madison Avenues ad agencies were comfortable with him as their celebrated Negro in the tawny upscale enclave of Brentwood in the West Los Angeles hills. They generally dismissed any bigoted thoughts of him having a young white woman as his wife because, afterall, he was O.J.

Hence, the Simpson myth is based upon an Italian playright, Cinzio’s, 16th century fictitious short story, UN CAPITANO MORO, the Moorish or dark African Captain, celebrated commander of Europe’s Venetian brigade, vanquisher of its opponents who would become smitten by a young white woman. Within 40 years Cinzio’s story would become the template for William Shakespeare’s extremely popular tragic play over the last 4 centuries, Othello.

According to his accusers Simpson committed these murders all alone including inflicting the two dozen superficial knife wounds delivered to the right side of her male friend, Ronald Goldman’s face and neck, along with the fatal stab wounds to Goldman’s abdomen that caused his death by internal bleeding. The Los Angeles police detectives, LADA’s office, as well as the mainstream press did not bother to examine anyone else beyond O.J. Simpson. The former officers of the court appeared to have a conspiratorial justification for their acts of malfeasance. However, the latter, mainstream press, has no excuse for its beffuddlement. It appears that they were neutralized as a result of the racial implications and lulled into an unprofessional inadequacy by failing to do any meaningful due dilligence in regard to the plethora of questionable evidence condemning Simpson.

The time of his ex-wife’s death is inconsistent with the traffic data from CALTrans regarding when the Simpson in-laws arrived home to make that final call back to their daughter, Nicole, in Brentwood, the exit wounds in the bodies defy a single assailant attack, as well as the infamous Bruno Magli shoes didn’t fit Simpson’s foot and it is simply incredulous that the FBI agent, who played such a prominent role in introducing this alleged brand of shoe to the public, since there was at least 20 more brands with the same unique SILGA U2887 shoe sole, did not know that Simpson could not fit in the shoes that made the Bundy shoe prints.

However, for the sake of explaining this Malignant Narcissistic disease we must shift our attention to one of the continuously overlooked families in the Simpson matter the Goldmans, Fred and his children,Kim and Ron and his present wife, his third, Patti and her three children by a previous marriage now Fred’s stepchildren, Loren, Michael, and Brian Glass. Before Patti married Fred, she was married to a former prosecutor and prviate lawyer that was charged as being a drug kingpin by the name of Marvin Glass. Within 7 months of his being sentenced to prison Patti divorced Glass and married Fred Goldman and moved in and away from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California with Fred. Marvin Glass, was facing over 200 years in prison as a result of his trafficking in cocaine in conjunction with members of a Colombian drug cartel. While examining his background we found where the pre-trial medical doctors in his Illinois federal trial had diagnosed Glass with being a Malignant Narcissist. At the time we only knew of one other person that had become prominent in the news where his pre-trial US Army medical doctors had diagnosed him as being a Malignant Narcissist, and that was Iraq’s former President

Saddam Hussein who was subsequently hung. All of the atrocities that he sanctioned were potentially made more understandable by citing the disease, malignant narcissism. One of Saddam’s alleged favorite tortures was watching shackled prisoners taken to the top of tall buildings, blindfolded, and tossed over the side, falling to their deaths after hitting the ground. However, they did not provide symptoms of Saddam’s narcissistic affliction. With Marvin Glass, doctors spoke in length of the effects of his affliction with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. According to the doctors Glass was willing to take drastic retributive action against others based upon the most insignificant slight. According to one of their explanations a malignant narcissist does not allow even the smallest thing he perceives to be his to be taken from him. This was provided to explain some of the actions that Marvin Glass was accused of master-minding in one of the two trials he faced, the first being for attempted murder. Glass allegedly hired hit men to attack his law partner, Michael Pritzker, in Lincoln Park along Lake Michigan where he jogged. Supposedly the orders were to break his legs, but the assailant shot Pritzker in the head with a pistol; however, Pritzker lived to confront Glass about the action and said Glass did not deny it but down played the lethal assault by allegedly stating he would make it up to him. The incident allegedly involved case files Glass had taken and refused to return when the lawyers dissolved their partnership. Pritzker allegedly withheld money Glass was entitled to receive until he agreed to return the files. It was difficult to imagine that this egregious assault was over what most would consider a minor dispute and that Glass would order the hit on Pritzker by one of his criminal lieutenants as he jogged in the park.

One can see by reading the Ofshe lawsuit against the US government, Marvin Glass was one who looked out for himself exclusively and had no concerns about selling others out to save himself, that is another symptom of this affliction. Ronald Offshe at the time was a client of Glass and was dealing in narcotics. Glass as his lawyer taped his client’s private conversations and turned them over to the FBI. Taping him helped Glass, now a voluntary confidential informant, to avoid the 210 years he was facing by helping the government make one of the biggest federal criminal cases against bribe taking judges and politicians in history “Operation Greylord”. This was an action they looked forward to against a slew of judges the Feds knew were accepting bribes for very serious criminal cases in Cook County Illinois. During the period of the eight year sentence that Glass was locked up he had time to think about retribution against the man who had taken property he believed belonged to him, if not only his ex-wife, Patti, certainly his kids who he allegedly adored according to one of his sons. We interviewed his oldest son, Brian Glass, who harbors a visceral disdain for his step-dad, Fred Goldman, and remembers him as a very abusive man. The son of Glass told us that Fred terrorized his two stepsons, Brian and Michael, by beating them, and allegedly knocked Brian down a flight of stairs while he was on crutches causing his mother to pack the kids up and move out momentarily. Brian Glass also said that as a child his grand parents in the midwest would drive to Calfornia and pick up the Glass kids and take them back to the midwest to visit their father in prison. An OMIG investigator asked Brian Glass did the kids ever share their alleged abuse at the hands of Fred Goldman with their imprisoned father and he told us they had. We never discussed his father’s alleged medical diagnosis of having a Narcissistic Personality Disorder but certainly wondered why both local and federal law enforcement officers involved in the O.J. Simpson investigation did not publicly go any further than they did regarding this man’s relationship to Fred Goldman and the potential murder of his son. By the time that Goldman’s son was killed they knew that Glass was released from prison, earlier than his supposed release date due to terminal HIV-AIDS.

L to R, Patti Glass Goldman, Fred Goldman, Kim Goldman, Loren Glass, and Michael Glass with news journalist Barbara Walters standing behind the Goldman family.

They also should have known, even if they say they did not, that Glass was in Los Angeles and within close proximity to the Goldman family purportedly to attend the graduation from the 8th grade of his daughter, Loren Glass. The graduation ceremony would be on Wednesday, June 15, 1994, two days after the murdered body of Ron Goldman was found on Monday morning, June 13, 1994 with Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole setting off the biggest media event of the 20th century. That placed Marvin glass in prime position to witness Fred Goldman’s pain of losing his son and likely retribution for Goldman taking his sons and inflicting physcial abuse. What Glass revealed to OMIG particularly via the allegations of the two men accusing him of attempted murder was that the smallest perceived insult caused Glass to take major actions, almost like someone willing to use a shotgun to kill a fly on the wall when a rolled up newspaper would do. In 2000, Glass was realatively easy to research since there are about a dozen articles about his various criminally erratic activities in the Chicago daily newspapers. He would die by 1997 from complications of AIDS alleged to have been contracted in Florida due to contaminated blood transfusions the result of a car accident while on the run. His death came about 7 years after his release from prison.

However, it would not be until we had an opportunity in real time, 16-20 years later, to observe the continuous dysfunctional conduct of this U.S. President, Donald Trump, that we could compare his actions with those diagonostic descriptions of this psychiatric affliction. Trump strikes us upon viewing his continuous dangerously petty dysfunctional actions as being a Malignant Narcissist but with potentially more consequential impact on a national and international basis as Commander in-chief of this republic. He also demonstrates that he cares little for others as long as it appears to serve his own personal interests, the same as Glass, and the same as Saddam Hussein. Trump is the embodiment of the affliction and his actions appear to jump from the pages identifying it. Once again, as in the Simpson case, it looks like the presence of a black man would influence people to overlook not only a malignant narcissist like Glass and his potential connection to the murders, possibly of hiring others to carry out the deed. Race appears to have blinded the public in examining other social misfits that were involved with Simpson’s ex-wife and her friend Ronald Goldman and the establishment that he worked.

So too, a large swath of this nation’s population seems that they would also overlook the unfit character of Donald Trump being the President of this democratic republic even if he is diagnosed as a reckless and dangerous malignant narcissist. Their willingness to accept mediocrity at the helm of this powerful nation appears to be a visceral reaction of accepting anyone other than a black individual as President, no matter how polished or enlightened he might be, including one like Barack Obama. The psychic impact of accepting anyone black and stirring the subliminal fear among a large portion of the American public is for them unbearable versus the placid acceptance of a severely mentally ill, sociopathic, white man the likes of Donald J. Trump.

As we await the eve of this upcoming national election of 2020 the overriding question will be will we sacrifice the noble 230 year old experiment in democracy in exchange for a fraudulent cocoon of autocracy where a few unintelligent sociopaths remain in control of a nation hellbent on the intent of keeping all of the power in the limited hands of simply whites? That appears to be the irrevocable course that this nation is now on.

T.H. Johnson is the author of several books on the O.J. Simpson case as well as a documentary on the case as well entitled SERPENTS RISING: An Independent Investigation of the OJ Simpson Murder Trial. All are available through Amazon books and Amazon Prime’s videos on demand.

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