BY T.H. Johnson, former Investigative Team Coordinator, OMIG


Thank you for your 24 years of service, and to Dr. H.S. Johnson, and members of the Chairman’s table for the fine support they have given to this organization and its investigative department.

Dr. Henry S. Johnson, Chairman of the Ocean Medical Investigative Group (OMIG) at his office in Los Angeles, wrote the first book challenging the conflicting reports of the medical examiners, one was under pressure to lie for the prosecution the other doing so apparently volutarily when brought in to replace the other in the medical examination of the murdered victims, Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.

OMIG’s symbol above began to receive broad notoriety after the documentary they produced SERPENTS RISING screened both nationally and internationally in the 13th Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles in February of 2005 and Berlin Germany’s XIX Annual International Black Cinema Festival in August of 2005. The publishing of another book by its chief investigator T.H. Johnson brought people previously afraid to speak out about what they were forced to coverup to come forward to reveal how Simpson had been targeted and his professional career destroyed. The racial animus and hatred surrounding the 1995 trial virtually assured him a jail sentence if he did not stay out of the lime light. Simpson would ultimately be sentenced to 33 years in prison by a Las Vegas Court in 2008. However, the truth surrounding the backroom on-going dealings in that trial have yet to be disclosed as well.

As we mark this years 24th anniversary of the creation of the investigative organization that evolved from the OJ Simpson trial, OMIG, we also mark this date of October 3rd, 2020 as the 25th anniversary of the jury’s acquittal of O.J. Simpson and a date of possibly one of the most dangerous investigative failures that has taken place in this nation’s history; the failure of the mainstream press and electronic media to hold government and law enforcement officials accountable. The failure of the mainstream press to do any follow up due diligence, or any meaningful investigative journalism, has predictably contributed to the racial animus, strife, social fragmentation, and polarization we are presently experiencing in our nation today under Donald Trump’s Presidential administration.

The so called legitimate press gave way to tabloid journalism as if that is all that a condemned black man was entitled to receive. Their actions have only accrued to the benefit of our foreign adversaries and the limited hard core white supremacists who may have fallen victim to foreign intrigue as well in this matter where the former would gain from our downfall. This may have been an ongoing attempt since the collapse of the Soviet Union around 1988 and in conjunction with our publicly smug reply by President Ronald Reagan to Gorbachov to tear down those walls. That slap in the face at the Soviets decline may have been the injection triggering the former KGB officer, Vladimir Putin, in his long held desire to bring America to its knees. Possibly by activating white look-a-like sleeper cells in the US he may be on the verge of succeeding. Racial animus is a valuable asset to some, and as we’ve now seen has caused this nation and this present President to take his eye off the ball in terms of governance. He has misrepresented the dangers of a fatal disease that has killed closed to a quarter of a million Americans within the last 6 months, that is rapidly approaching more deaths than all of the foreign wars for which the U.S. has been engaged combined.

The mainstream press failed to do its job 25 years ago, and still fails right up to the present, in examining and re-examining the evidence cited by corrupt officials to fortify their ragged charges of guilt against the former NFL football hall of famer and sports icon, O.J. Simpson back in 1994-95. The independent investigative organization above, OMIG, for the past 24 years, has been privy to certain documents because of the continuous due diligence of our investigative department and the standards expected of each field investigator. The research that this organization has applied to this important investigation was done because of the predictable impact we believed would be unleashed upon America within 20 years as a result of official malfeasance, i.e. the murders by police of a plethora of young black men and women falsely behind a badge while acting under the color of authority we predicted that could become a residual effect of the racial animus intentionally promoted in the wake of the Simpson criminal trial acquittal.

However, not to digress, the question that has always perplexed us is where has the mainstream media and press been regarding this evidence and information? The mainstream press is the only entity for the last 400 years that developed the power to keep a corrupt and errant governmental apparatus in check and thus has developed over that time what is referred to as the power of the 4th estate. Since up to the late 18th century Emperors/Kings/Queens, Bankers, the Nobility and Military Generals possessed the consummate power in Europe. The press had not evolved to have such capacity to examine government activities and report its malfeasance on a daily basis to the public prior to the end of the 18th century. However, near the end of the 20th century, the 4th Estate, mainstream press didn’t do their due diligence in the Simpson case, in fact they miserably have failed. The question is why? We know a multiplicity of things regarding evidence in that case that the press should have known as well? What impacted them in failing to do their job? Was the profit motive of advertising dollars surrounding this case too tempting to overlook, or did their senior editors simply conclude what has been opined when a black is accused of a crime, that the black individual must be guilty. That is a mindset akin to those who failed to speak up in regard to the epidemic of public lynchings in this country a century ago that deprived individuals of due process. The massive irregularities associated with the Simpson evidence placed that demand that the press examine the evidence and allegations of wrongdoing but they simply left it alone, and in most cases trumpeted the lies of the perpetrators alleging Simpson’s guilt in tabloid fashion.

We know that this man below, this serial killer of as many as 70 women, Glen Rogers, was on the radar of a local LA deputy DA and other law enforcement officers in Los Angeles regarding the murders in the Simpson case. Once we examined his death row appeal file they consealed in California it required our seeking more intimate knowledge from Rogers so we contacted him on death row in Florida in a hail Mary attempt by sharing with him information that California hid, that Florida overlooked, that might have prevented him from receiving the death sentence. He has continued to communicate forthrightly with OMIG investigators since 2000. He confirms much of the redacted areas in one of the consealed case files that he was in close proximity to Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole. Her record indicated that she was moving often with shady people in a fast lane she should in all probability have avoided. The Colorado connections to the Mezzaluna Restaurant that the FBI has redacted in certain documents raises curiosity, since several of the Mezzaluna employees and management had Colorado connections. We know from FBI documents someone they went the extra mile out of the approximate 50 retail stores selling Bruno Magli shoes purchased those size 12 shoes with the SILGA U2887 soles that do not fit O.J.’s feet. Nor do they appear to fit Glen Rogers’ foot either since they appear to be too large but at least his foot in blue fits in the size 46/size 12 shoe sole, whereas Simpson’s toes, arches, and heel extend outside of the expensive shoe soles as seen in the green foot tracing belonging to O.J. Simpson. This was just one area where a number of FBI agents chose to engage in lying to aggrandize their own personal careers by helping the state prosecutors convict an innocent man, Simpson. However, according to FBI whistleblowers talking to OMIG this would not be the first time and that there was a history of some of the bureau’s agents doing so on a regular basis.

L-R, Green foot is the tracing OMIG attained from O.J. Simpson and the blue foot tracing was attained by OMIG from Florida inmate Glen Rogers. The FBI agent called to testify in the 1995 Simpson trial never chose to measure O.J.’s foot but should have been suspicious upon viewing the shoeprints seen in the 11 and 1/2 inch square side walk tiles at the Bundy murder site.

Of course California officials in L.A. County according to statements in certain documents it seems were looking for a rapid execution of Rogers by the hands of Florida prison officials. That way any connection between him and Simpson’s ex-wife would remain buried. Unfortunately, one of their politically active deputy DA’s was able to get Rogers off of death row, a rare occurance anywhere, and returned to Los Angeles to stand trial for the murder of Sandra Gallagher where he underwent additional pretrial medical examinations again. OMIG investigators have interacted with Rogers and have received a plethora of letters from him in response to our inquiries over the last 20 years that he’s been on death row. He’s on death row in Florida for the murder of 1 of 4 women he stabbled after running from California back in 1995.

We even know the psychiatric disease Rogers has that officials have continued to conceal for the last 25 years. We at OMIG understand why corrupt law enforcement officals both at the state and federal levels will hide and have hidden evidence in order to attain a conviction and/or condemnation of an innocent victim. They do it for their own personal career advancements, and in this case as it related to state actors their personal pecuniary gain. However, what does the press have to gain from failing to examine such irregularities in evidence and unprofessional conduct? We know and have read the official sealed case files concerning this man, BA-109525 and case file 97-222 regarding this man’s relationship with Simpson’s ex-wife and his medical psychiatric condition. So you cannot say it doesn’t exist. The only question we have is why don’t you, the Mainstream Press and Media, know the case file numbers as well and why have you not read it yourselves, or maybe you have and have just chosen to continue to promote a self-serving false narrative with dangerous racial undertones?

Due to the damage associated with the press’s lack of due diligence, the chickens have hatched and have long now come home to roost as we predicted years ago. Your allowing and promulgating the racial animus that has entered into the mainstream of public discourse in this nation surrounding the Simpson case has in all probability contributed to irreparable damage as we now struggle to right a listing ship of state associated with this present Presidential administration accused of instigating racial animus itself. Our hope is to regain and maintain the stability of a so called democratic republic and keep from allowing racial animus to catapault this nation into autocratic despotic rule……Unfortunately, the above destruction caused is in conjunction with the mainstream press’s lack of integrity that recklessly engaged in destroying this man, Simpson’s professional career.

T.H. Johnson is an author and producer of several books and documentary associated with an extensive investigation of the O.J. Simpson murder case available through Amazon and Kindle books.

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