25th Anniversary of the Big Lie in the OJ Simpson Case

By T.H. Johnson, Former Investigative Team Coordinator OMIG

Many of you are aware that the chairman of the Ocean Medical Investigative Group (OMIG) Dr. Henry S. Johnson raised the issue back in 1999 and 2000 about lawyers in the Simpson trial on both sides agreeing to enter an unholy alliance to misstate, misrepresent, misinterpret, and ultimately when caught misappropriate the exhibit 35 evidence in the Los Angeles County Criminal Court building’s Exhibit Department represented as the actual GTE phone record for June 12, 1994 of Juditha Brown, Nicole Brown Simpson’s mother.


A funny thing happens whenever one of OMIG’s representatives is invited to speak publicly regarding information that challenges the false narrative that the public has been sold regarding guilt in the Simpson case and trial. People who actually work inside either the courthouse or other agencies with credibility always make contact with OMIG and invite them to see evidence of what actually occurred. We have now had people come forward from the Los Angeles County Superior Court Clerk’s Office, the California Highway Patrol, the California Department of Transportation, the Italian shoe sole manufacturer for the infamously alleged Bruno Magli shoes, SILGA GOMMA, as well as retired agents of the FBI. They come forth generally because concealing the truth just isn’t in their veins and it sends a chill down their spine to have to be a part of a cover up. However, as much as we would like for anyone to speak up immediately when they see malfeasance occurring people in these various agencies have families to support and careers that they do not want ended. So, we still gladly take what they are willing to give because the significance of what happened in this infamous major trial of the 20th century impacts us personally as African Americans, but as quiet as it’s kept, it effects each and all of us regardless of your racial or ethnic background.

The failure to exhibit integrity by anyone who holds an important position as a sworn officer of the court endangers everyone’s lives. Allowing an official with the power over others’ lives the benefit of the doubt when or if they intentionally lie, because they are a sworn court officer of the court undermines the faith in those institutions that reinforce the piillars of our society, the police, the courts, prosecutors, defense lawyers, and judges. If no one has any credibility then no one’s life is of value, including the herefore mentioned above. The issue involves whether OJ Simpson’s in-laws, the Brown family could make it home in time after departing a Brentwood eatery, the Mezzaluna Restaurant, at approximately 8:45 PM according to testimony. The Mezzaluna was 5 stop lights down and around two ninety-degree bends in the surface street at 12750 San Vicente Boulevard, and about 2 miles from the entry off of Wilshire Boulevard onto the southbound I-405 Freeway.

The question is could the Brown family make the drive home to their resiedence at the far south end of Orange County from Northwest Los Angeles County and arrive to their home in the secured gated community of Monarch Bay, Dana Point in order to make that final initial 09:37 PM phone call back to the Mezzaluna Restaurant regarding some lost glasses? Then two minutes later could they have made a call to alert their daughter at 09:39 PM? The best evidence that we now have at OMIG says no, and that is the 34,245 automobile estimate provided by traffic engineers from the California Department of Transportation, offended by lawyerly allegations that such a possibility occurred on that night between 8 PM and 9PM, the time of the Brown’s departure from Brentwood. They told OMIG investigators that they had seen one of Dr. Johnson’s exchanges with Simpson guilt commentators on one of the cable news networks, possibly as seen in this one below.


Here’s what a reconstruction of that traffic volume that rivaled the highest peak hour during the normal work week looked like below on the night of June 12, 1994 between 8-9PM. The location of the Variety Building in the foreground is about one mile from the Wilshire entrance to the southbound I-405 freeway in which the white lights are traveling in the direction Simpson’s in-laws, the Browns would have been driving.

The Brown family lived approximately 72 miles away from the Brentwood location of the Mezzaluna restaurant, and approximately 69 miles away from the Variety Building shown in this photograph. To arrive home in an hour would require an uninterrupted speedometer rating of 72 MPH. In order to arrive there in Dana Point, Orange County in less than 52 minutes to make that 09:37 PM phone call based on an 08:45 departure would require a continuous door-to-door speed above 72 MPH. If you attempted to place 34,245 automobiles in total, bumper to bumper with average length 14-foot vehicles, across 5 lanes in the 8 mile distance between Sunset Blvd on the north, and La Tijera Blvd on the south, as provided by CALTrans documentation, the 8 mile distance or 42,240 feet would only accommodate 15,085 vehicles or 3,017 vehicles per lane bumper to bumper with 19,160 left over beyond the 8 mile entry point at Sunset.

Since we know that cars on freeways do not travel bumper to bumper it requires making the mathematical adjustment to get all 34,245 through the 8 mile zone in an hour. If you reduce the distance between cars to a half car length you will now have approximately 2,263 cars per 8 mile lane instead of 3,017. There will now be a mathematical reduction in vehicles from 15,085 to 11,315 across all five lanes. That will give you approximately 33,945 vehicles or 300 shy of the 34,245 that is estimated by CALTrans to have driven through that 8 mile zone in one hour. Hence, that would be an average of 11, 315 automobiles driving through that zone every 20 minutes. So, now it means that each car is traveling 8 miles every 20 minutes and assuming that the volume of vehicles remained the same for another 16 miles on the I-405 (San Diego Freeway) then you would have an average car speed of 24 miles in an hour or 24 MPH. One has to ask themselves, if on that Sunday night as a result of highway construction to build the HOV lane system impacting high density in conjunction with high traffic volumes could the Brown family have made the drive to arrive home at the time that lawyers stipulated to? The traffic volume on that night made the I-405 southbound freeway look like the vehicles lined up for as far as the eye can see in the photos above. You must then ask yourself would any vehicle including Simpson’s in-laws, the Brown family, have been able to travel that 72 mile distance at a mandatory speed of 72 MPH? That 72 MPH mandatory average speed would have been required of them to arrive at their home in one hour to make that first final fateful phone call? As it stands now where it required them to travel that 8 mile distance above at approximately 24 MPH the difference would have to have been added on top of 72 MPH. For at least 8 additional miles it meant that Simpson’s in-law’s vehicle would have to travel at a rate of speed of 120 MPH (72MPH + 48MPH =120MPH).

The only other alternative you must ask yourselves, is did the lawyers who entered what OMIG alleges as an unholy alliance tell a big fat LIE in order to promulgate a high profile celebrity trial and reap the pecuniary benefits for doing so?

Anyway this man Simpson has to remain silent for whatever personal reasons, and pretend to enjoy life now that he has been released after imprisonment for 9 years and on parole from an unjust 33 year sentence he received in Nevada as he witnessed these lawyers destroy his professional career and weak havoc within his own family.

T.H. Johnson is the former investigative team coordinator for the orgnaization OMIG (Ocean Medical Investigative Group) and an established author on the subject matter with the books below and a documentary produced in 2004, receiving acclaim in four national and one international film festival in 2005. His works are available through Amazon, books, and instant videos.

10 thoughts on “25th Anniversary of the Big Lie in the OJ Simpson Case

    1. We don’t know the answer to your question but we certainly are appreciative of having impressed many people such as yourself so that we are comfortable that the question will never die. We encourage you to continue to put the question to officials, the press, and to all plublicly as to why they have continued to resist allowing the telecommunications company, GTE/then Verizon/and now Frontier, all subsequent corporate buyers, to replace those phone records. The traffic data provided by traffic engineers from the Cal. Dept. of Transportation, CALTrans, does not support the closed door stipulation that these attorneys entered as factual evidence of the last phone call indicating when Simpson’s ex-wife was last known to be alive. Their malfeasance regarding this issue simply bred suspicion that there was malfeasance in other areas as well which has proven to be true. Sworn officers of the court engaging in promoting the most dangerous, and socially destructive trial of the 20th century; the OJ Simpson trial is not a good look nor does it bode well for the justice system in our nation.


      1. Those phone records are definitely shady and you guys have proved so. So what you’re saying is they will never be released? I wonder why OJ’s kids haven’t fought to get them released, I know they all believe he’s innocent.


    1. It is not solely a matter for O.J.’s kids, in our opinion. We said 24 years ago that if the heated racial animus associated with this case is allowed to spew unfiltered into the mainstream of public discourse within 20 years that poison is going to be extremely detrimental to the lives of people of color. That was 1996, by 2016 and thereafter off the top of my head, we saw individuals hiding behind the color of authority murder Trayvon Martin, Eric Gardner, Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Walter Scott, Terrence Crutcher, LaQuan McDonald, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Jordan Edwards, Bothan Jean, Oscar Grant, Atatiana Jefferson, and the list goes on. Just blatant killing associated with the poisoning of the mind of sworn officers of the court that simply do not see peoeple of color as being those they are obligated to protect and to serve. In this nation, anything that impacts race is a delicate matter and should not be accepted cavalierly. Regardless of what OJ’s kid do or do not do, you are the most important factor here that must keep pressing them with the question: “WHERE ARE THOSE PHONE RECORDS OF JUDITHA BROWN NOTING THE LAST TIME SHE TALKED TO NICOLE BROWN SIMPSON?”


      1. I definitely agree about this being an issue that needs to be resolved for all of society. But I don’t think the general public cares about the phone records being released, because they believe OJ is guilty and they want him to be guilty. Nothing could ever change their minds. Even with all the police shootings of unarmed black people and police corruption cases that have been exposed these past few years, they refuse to make the connection with the OJ trial. This is why I brought up OJ’s kids, because if anyone wants to see OJ exonerated, it would be them. It’s ironic you brought up people of color because I noticed they tend to very vocal about OJ being guilty. Especially black people nowadays. It’s unfortunate because the black community back then believed OJ was framed when the trial was going on.


  1. You only believe that people are not interested in something because that is what they are made to believe since the people who control communication in the West keep things moving and bombarding the mind of the masses with miscellaneous madness until they choose to bring you something about Simpson that they themselves consider important. Consider in 2016, twenty-two years after the murders took place A&E network allowed Ryan Murphy to present his brand of OJ madness that captured the national viewing audience attention for 7 weeks at number one in the cable ratings for 6 out of 7 weeks, and number two behind the state of the union address in the 7th week. So, we don’t fault blacks anymore than we fault others whose minds are bombarded by information, they are subject to human nature just as anyone else. However, blacks are easy targets and the most cost effective tool to target and weaponize in bringing a society to its knees because of its preoccupation with race. Nonetheless, the Simpson narrative has an unlimited nuclear half life potential again due to its subtle yet powerful racial undertones. Our monthly Amazon video royalties from around the globe for “SERPENTS RISING: An Independent Investigation of the OJ Simpson trial” show us that. So we control that aspect of the communication universe albeit much smaller than the mainstream vehicles in the US for which we have little or no control at all. However, less control of the medium for delivery does not represent the lack of interest in a subject matter, that’s merely one’s manipulated false perception. As soon as Simpson’s name is invoked ears perk up and the same folk who think they know and can tell you everything about the Simpson case, including who was in the Bronco slow speed chase, are the same people who cannot tell you the names of the two individuals convicted of multiple murders and committing the greatest act of domestic terrorism on the shores of the U.S. killing over 168 men, women and babies in the middle of the OJ Simpson trial and those two individuals were white.


  2. I understand Juditha Brown’s GTE records are sealed but wasnt the call to Mezzalunna and the call to Nicole’s phone logged. Were those record’s doctored as well? Are those sealed too?


    1. Juditha Browns phone records were never sealed they were removed along with all exhibit evidence from the Simpson exhibit department case file by secretive (ex parte) court order granted to one of the Simpson prosecutors, William Hodgeman, the initial lead attorney before he bowed out. That motion by him was filed on April 24, 1998 and within hours granted by Judge John H. Reid on the same day. As far as logged, you would have to explain. This investigative organization had Mr. Simpson file a motion to compel GTE to perpetuate evidence in Aug 1999, in Texas but the judge denied the motion and request to examine the records at the GTE legal archive building at the time, in San Angelo, TX. When the LA Times did a news article on the CRASH unit’s Raphael Perez turning states witness to avoid a 12-20 year sentence for stealing 8 LBs of cocaine out of the police evidence room and testified how the LAPD was used to planting evidence to attain convictions, we refiled a new motion on behalf of Simpson in the USDC for the Central District of California in L.A. However, that court told Simpson to go back to the state and have the criminal court put the records back into his file. We went to court again, on June 12, 2000, before LA County Superior Court Judge Larry Fidler, but he held most of the hearing behind closed doors and when the lawyer we (OMIG) hired to represent Simpson came out he was livid and said Judge Fidler had already ruled in chambers to deny Simpson. That’s when we told him to approach the dais and speak, and make judge Fidler make his pronouncement before the cameras. If you have not seen it you can by watching the full documentary here https://www.amazon.com/Serpents-Rising-Independent-Investigation-J/dp/B0046Z2M9M/ref=sr_1_1?s=instant-video&ie=UTF8&qid=1324355077&sr=1-1. However, now they’ve even got bigger problems than that or than we ever would have imagined. Stay tuned.


    2. The Phony Phone Records in the OJ Simpson Case

      If you meant logged in meaning entered during trial then go to the WordPress article link above an OMIG investigator posted in 2017 and you can look at the phone records that were a part of the posterboard that was entered in the Simpson trial by attorney stipulation as exhibit 35. OMIG received this document after requesting that Lou Brown, OJ’s father in law allow them to access a true copy of their phone records for June 12, 1994 from the phone company GTE. It is what California law requires one to do when seeking the utility records of an individual by subpoena in California. Brown sent this to them after rejecting their request to allow them to attain a copy of the actual records from the unbiased 3rd party, the telephone company itself, GTE. Brown initially on the Thursday before did give OMIG permission to request a copy of the records removed from the Simpson case file from the phone company GTE but by Monday he nervously changed his mind and told OMIG investigator, T.H. Johnson, that he must accept what Brown would get from the man that took them from the Simpson exhibit case file, Deputy DA and former lead prosecutor in the Simpson criminal trial, Bill Hodgman. You can judge for yourself if the image looks like any phone records you have ever received from your phone company. They certainly do not resemble any that we have received as OMIG investigators from our phone company. The font sizes are irregular, and the call lines are not consistent, some are illegible where, in our opinion, you would not want to bet money that you can determine what the call line is stating.


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