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  1. Sure he does, OMIG’s PR team and Maddogg’s PR team interact with each other regularly though in different states. So if you ask a question we are sure that someone will alert him as an OMIG officer that a question has been asked. You might reach him also via OMIG’s J.T Johnson Facebook site with the medical symbol.


    1. Thank you. I was wondering if it’s possible to get his email? I’ve been listening to this podcast on the Black Talk Radio Network which has been discussing the OJ case. F. Lee Bailey, Stephen Singular, and Pat McKenna were recent guests on the podcast. The host is looking for more people to discuss the case with, and I thought TH Johnson would be a good addition. The email for the podcast is and their Twitter is @UntilJustice


      1. T.H. Johnson said thanks for the heads up, and we must embrace you as an honorary OMIG investigator. He reached out to the Black Talk Radio organization but has yet to hear back from them. He also told me to tell you that he only believes that Stephen Singular will be boldly honest with the public due to how he came into the case through the anonymous LAPD insider who warned about the insurrgence of white supremacist neo-Nazi sympathizers infiltrating not only the LAPD but other law enforcement departments across the nation. He said that Singular and Whitehurst are the book ends to overturning the case because of the contaminated blood, first alleged by Singular to the defense in Aug 1994 but after 20 attempts they refused his pleas to test the blood. Then there is Whitehurst who threatened to reveal that the FBI tested the blood and found different conclusions than Martz who lied and committed perjury in an attempt to conceal the fact that the blood was contaminated with EDTA indicating it had been planted and not either directly from Simpson’s body nor the blood on his socks from his ex-wife, Nicole. McKenna knows but also apparently concerned about the lethal potential of clandestine entities within the LAPD, i.e. the SPU (Special Problems Unit). F. Lee Bailey was close enough to Cochran that he would have known of the negotiations the FBI held with Cochran to keep Whitehurst from taking the witness stand. Therefore, T.H. says that Bailey cannot afford to offer any significant true enlightenment and neither will McKenna though they both will not openly side with the prosecution; however, that does very little for the concealed truth. T.H. encourages you to keep the pressure on anywhere and everywhere that you may find an opening to do so to keep OMIG relevant and beyond the ability of those who would wish to obstruct OMIG’s forward progress regarding this infamous case.


  2. You can try this email, however, if I were you I would introduce Black Talk to T.H. Johnson’s documentary SERPENTS RISING: An Independent Investigation of the OJ Simpson Trial. I know T.H. just did another podcast on the Opperman Report a few weeks back dealing with the significance of the FBI agent that was to testify, Frederic Whitehurst, regarding the blood, that Stephen Singular was told by the anonymous LAPD insider was contaminated with EDTA. Whitehurst, if allowed to testify, would have revealed that the FBI agent who testified in the Simpson trial about the blood, Agent Roger Whitehurst, had lied and absconded with research that other FBI laboratory scientists had actually did the research and not him. Martz was the Chemistry Lab Unit Chief, but he was not a chemist and got busted for faking it in a death row, George Trepal V. the State of FLORIDA, case 7 years before the Simpson trial in 1988 and the judge in that death row appeal trial, exposed Martz as an incompetent fraud. Yet the FBI let him continue and go on to represent them in the Simpson trial but when Whitehurst filed the complaint with the inspector general on behalf of the scientists who told that Martz had changed their conclusions to align with the Simpson prosecutors, the top officials of the FBI sent a black FBI lawyer to LA to negotiate with Cochran to keep one FBI agent from taking the witness stand to testify that another FBI agent had committed perjury. That’s where this Simpson madness is now.


    1. Thanks. I shared the email with them. If possible, if someone could also share the email untiljustice@gmail and let TH Johnson know what I said that would be nice. I told them about OMIG, Serpents Rising, and the work TH Johnson has done regarding the phone records, the Bruno Magli shoes, Ron Goldman’s background, etc. That’s crazy re: Whitehurst and Martz. I’m gonna have to listen to Ed Opperman’s podcast. All I knew about Martz is that he started off testifying for the defense and supported the theory about EDTA being in the blood samples taken from Rockingham, but later changed his tune after talking to the prosecution during the lunch break. I also remember reading somewhere Martz had been accused of skewing evidence and misconduct in other cases before, it may have been on this site. There’s so much corruption in this case from top to bottom.


      1. Martz never expected to be called by the defense as a defense witness. He was braggadociously being touted during the Simpson trial in May of 1995 by Deputy D.A. Rockne Harmon as a member of the FBI lab and the prosecution’s expert witness on EDTA. Harmon, it is believed by T.H. Johnson and OMIG, was attempting to protect his own ass, since he was not originally a part of the Simpson prosecution but was on loan as a DNA expert from the Oakland California DA’s office of Alameda County in Northern California. Harmon became aware of the allegations regarding the blood being contaminated with EDTA as it was brought initially to the attention of Chris Darden by the publisher of Stephen Singular’s book manuscript, Michael Viner of Dove Books. A typical Hollywood celebrity wannabe he, according to Stephen Singular’s discussions with T.H. Johnson liked to place himself in the middle of contraversial issues, so he and his attorney decided that it was in Viner’s interest to violate the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) between he and Singular and go to the prosecution with what Singular’s proposed book was about the first of November 1994, two months before the Simpson trial began, alleging their concern about Viner being charged with obstruction of justice if he failed to disclose to the prosecution what information he had, which OMIG considers an alibi. However, Chris Darden, who allegedly received this information first ran back to Marcia Clark who was the unofficial appointed lead prosecutor in the Simpson trial by this time. He told her he was rejecting the assignment of managing both Furhman and Vannatter the two police detectives that Darden noted in his own book that he did not trust. So Clark took back the assignment for herself, but it would be Harmon who would make the remark of denouncing Stephen Singular as a charlatan and running him out of town on a rail by sending the blood samples off to the FBI to be tested. In Harmon’s letter to the FBI which was read in trial during Martz’s testimony he told the FBI’s Martz that he wanted the FBI to completely refute that there was any EDTA whatsoever found in the blood once they completed their examination. Subsequently it appears that the prosecution may have found out that there was a problem with the blood and chose not to call Martz, and that implies that the Defense may have also been alerted that they should call Martz. The suspicion of OMIG, after multiple interviews of Whitehurst and other former FBI agents, was that someone from the FBI alerted the defense that they should call Martz since he had a proclivity to lie, and had gotten away with it before. At this point Whitehurst was unaware, but he allegedly had previously authored complaints with the Office of the Inspector General regarding Martz’s errant conduct. However, by the 1995 Simpson trial Whithurst’s career as a top explosive’s expert and PHD Chemist had been destroyed for going outside the FBI to lodge over 100 complaints with the OIG. Martz was a Biologist, not a Chemist, with a bachelor’s degree, but was promoted through internal nepotism as head of the Chemistry Unit at the FBI. So there was allegedly some resentment particularly with Martz alleged non-scientific testing, shoot-from-the-hip, style of arriving at conclusions. His superiors within the FBI were not opposed to him putting on a good show uplifting their public persona during trial testimony, but he was resented for his heavy handidness with other lab scientists. So, they complained to Whitehurst while he stood now outside the paint chip laboratory where he was reduced to examining paint chips for filing so many OIG complaints against the FBI lab and testimony in the 1993 World Trade Center basement garage bombings. He was approached by multiple scientists and agents to convince him to file another complaint against Roger Martz who by now they knew had lied and committed perjury under oath after testifying as a defense witness in the Simpson trial. They accused Martz of absconding with their research that he did not do, and inventing conclusion out of whole cloth while testifying under oath during the Simpson trial. Whitehurst told them that they had no choice, if they knew these things to be true, a Presidential Executive Order 12731, enacted in 1989 by the first George Bush required all members of the Executive Branch to file a complaint with the OIG if they were personally aware of malfeasance, perjury, or corruption by members of the Executive Branch of the US government. They told Whitehurst that they were not going to file a complaint because they still wanted to have careers with the FBI and had seen what they had done to his career, so they wanted him to do it. So, that is how what OMIG believes is OIG Whitehurst Case File 9403575 got filed in August of 1995 with the OIG of the USDOJ. We say we believe the case file number is consistent with 9403575 that are on a number of documents given to OMIG but have not had it confirmed because the OIG has failed on three occasions to honor OMIG’s formal FOIA requests over two years, to provide to OMIG a copy of the Whitehurst complaint and the complete allegations within the complaint. Presently the above accusations come from interviews that OMIG’s investigative division and its team leader, T.H. Johnson, have conducted with Whitehurst.


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