O.J.’s Terrible Tabloid Tomb……..revealed in a critique of a prosecutor’s book.

Maddogg guest commentator, T.H. Johnson, OMIG Investigative Team Coordinator

This past week it was about O.J. Simpson receiving a COVID 19 vaccine shot that became part of the news. Though age makes him qualified to receive a COVID 19 shot, there were a legion of nay sayers in the body-politique that damned him, a 73 year old man, from being able to receive that shot before others and possibly before anyone at all. Hence, we seem to be reminded on a weekly basis that the tabloid world of unknown facts and hyper-sensationalism can become Simpson’s graveyard; however, we can nolonger simply blame corrupt actors that we know pushed it into this maelstrom of tabloid sensationalism to hide their own malfeasance, Simpson, himself has to bare part of the blame as well. It’s possible he has the rest of that 33 year sentence still hanging over his head where he cannot speak out or ask for documents that we sorely want him to petition a court to compel the conspirators to deliver. That would be the only mitigating consideration, yet his delay in doing so still lays a partial burden for continuing to perpetuate this fraud on his shoulders as well.

I know he has to be aware that he cannot easily get back to being that unfettered jovial, easy-going fellow, emitting perpetual positive energy as everyone’s accessible golfing buddy. The tabloid media looped a facetious remark he made once to poison him within the African American community of “I’m not black, I’m O.J.!” However, that phrase was not who he was, Simpson knows he is a black man and has had many black friends who hung around him, but also had many whites and others as well. That phrase is more reflective of the Madison Avenue made for television persona that he has tried to perpetuate even up til today. It was they who first approached him in the late 1960s. He was the amazing athlete with a broad smile that allowed advertisers to sell cereal to white folks, particularly in the “Jim Crow” South. In essense, his statement ending with “I’m OJ” meant this character, O.J., is everyone’s pal. Though he now tries to regain that throne of popularity with these video blurbs on Twitter about football and sports in general, his credibility has been severely damaged and shoved into that tabloid universe that unfortunately a lot of people in America subscribe, and embrace its tabloid news as their reality.

It came to our attention in response to his Tweets the venom the public still harbors for this man, and his guilt, despite all of the contradictory evidence that has appeared over the years to vindicate him and extract him from this hellish tabloid pergatory intentionally perpetrated by a number of corrupt individuals acting under the color of authority. They have sold their lies intensely for money as even the author of this book below, one of the Simpson trial prosecutors named Hank Goldberg published in 1996. He begins setting the table for his false indictment of Simpson camoflauged in subtle innuendoes of benign racism, introductory phrases like “a failure to comprehend the social politics” of who else but the angry, hostile, beligerent, untrusting, blacks. Veiling his impending assault with an apparent innocuous discussion of a white man pondering his suburban home renovation project abruptly interrupted by his being called into the prosecution of this beast, Simpson, who has allegedly murdered his ex-white wife according to Goldberg. Initially his book builds on the premise of blood drops tested from the crime scene that linked Simpson to the murders to plant the seeds of guilt in the public’s mind. However, Goldberg had to have known before the trial ended in 1995 that FBI agents from the FBI’s Quantico Laboratory had filed a complaint with the Office of the Inspector General of the US Justice Department accusing the FBI agent, Roger Martz, of lying and committing perjury while under oath. Martz had done as asked by one of the LADA deputy prosecutors, and refuted the pre-trial allegations of the contamination of the collected Simpson blood. Martz was accused by multiple agents and scientists within the lab where he was unit chief of absconding with their research which he had not performed. It is alleged that Martz changed their conclusion regarding contamination of the blood to strengthen the prosecution’s case against Simpson. His superiors had allowed him to go forth representing their sacred brand of the FBI to take the stage in the media dubbed Simpson “trial of the century”. Inexplicably his bosses did so, while knowing that Martz was already under the microscope for similar untruthful conduct 7 years earlier in a Florida death row appeal trial. The trial judge’s response is highlighted in red below where he all but called Martz totally incompetent and a charlatan. Hence, the FBI would have to send someone to negotiate to keep the Simpson defense from causing further embarrassment by calling FBI agents and scientists to the witness stand who had accused Martz now of lying in the Simpson trial. Goldberg had to have known about this but has chosen to sell you another tabloid inflated lie in a phony sanctimonious book he has written.

Former FBI Agent, Roger Martz above

The reason the FBI had access to the blood of Simpson and the blood found on Simpson’s socks belonging to his ex-wife Nicole, was that an anonymous source within the Los Angeles Police Department had coopted an author, Stephen Singular, out of Denver, Colorado to carry that information to the Simpson defense team in August of 1994. Singular had previously written a book a decade earlier about a white supremacists groups lethal assault on a Denver radio talk show host named Allen Berg, who was gunned down in his driveway. That book is what motivated the anonymous LAPD insider to approach Singular and test his interest. Most important for him was conveying the message that these type of neo-fascists, white supremacists, had now entered the LAPD and were operating in higher command positions to protect corrupt, racist, and brutal officers like Detective Mark Fuhrman.

However, by November of 1994 the Simpson prosecutors which included Goldberg would have the allegations of the anonymous LAPD insider that all of the blood collected by police and now said to be linked to Simpson was suspicious and should be tested for being contaminated with a highly concentrated preservative called EDTA. The meaning of which was that the blood of O.J.’s ex-wife, Nicole Simpson, found on his socks found on his bedroom floor or allegedly the blood of Simpson found on the back gate at the murder site did not come from their bodies directly but came out of a blood collection vial. The EDTA contamination strongly implied that all of the crucial blood linking Simpson to the murders had been planted. Goldberg conveniently ignores that point to sell his fable implicating Simpson as the murderer of two people.

Goldberg goes on to build up the suspense surrounding his indictment of Simpson as the guilty party by citing a motorist first informing police that they had spotted the Simpson Ford Bronco on the I-5 Freeway heading north towards Los Angeles which began with the widely televised bronco chase during the early evening of June 17, 1994. However, Goldberg conveniently leaves out the fact that the police already knew that O.J. Simpson was in that Bronco on the I-5 on its way back to Los Angeles, since the driver, Al “A.C.” Cowlings had previously called the police just minutes prior from the Orange County cemetery where O.J.’s ex-wife was buried and told them he and O.J. were leaving there and about to get on the freeway heading back to Los Angeles.

However, I also loathe former deputy D.A. Goldberg for his conveniently ignoring the realities concerning the size of the shoes that made the bloody shoe prints at the Bundy murder site. You will see many angles of Goldberg along with forensic expert, Dr. Henry Lee, examining those shoe print photos during the Simpson criminal trial, and Goldberg conducting the direct examination of another FBI agent who allegedly lied against Simpson, William Bodziak. He lied regarding Simpson wearing those infamous Bruno Magli shoes. First of all, the shoe soles were made uniquely with a raised heel in the U2887 rubber mold by an independent contractor named SILGA. They had no connection to Bruno Magli and the shoe soles they sold to Bruno Magli they also sold to 20 other shoe brands as well. The raised heel prevented the identity of the shoe brand from being identified, however, Bodziak has a greater problem than just that.

Goldberg asked Bodziak under direct examination soft questions whose significance goes right over the public’s head but neither does the Simpson defense put him under a stringent microscopic cross-examination regarding the length of those shoeprints. However, the FBI is used to that. They pride themselves on protecting the perception of the integrity of the FBI and teach their candidates at their academy that the first rule is not to embarrass the FBI. Although a number of their agents have taken advantage of that image and have engaged in serious criminal acts of obstruction of justice by helping prosecutors to frame innocent defendants. Ultimately, the FBI would have to send their secret individual to negotiate with Simpson defense lawyers to keep the revelation of FBI lies and perjury concealed in the Simpson trial. What we believe the defense got in return is saved for later session’s discussion. However, Bodziak told Goldberg he did not bother to measure Simpson’s foot because he believed that people chose their shoe sizes they wore by preference rather than accurate measurement by ruler. So with that said, both Bodziak and Goldberg, have attempted to pass off Simpson’s personal desire to purchase shoes which his foot petrudes through the shoe soles on multiple sides as seen in the photo of the green foot below.

That green foot is that belonging to O.J. Simpson that OMIG investigators secured from him years ago to determine if their own assessment of what they saw in the police photos was accurate, and though the actual shoe sole is a bit longer than the one seen inside the sidewalk tile at the murder site, Simpson’s foot is still much to big for it as well. After one of the lead detectives, Tom Lange, answered another question while under direct examination by Marcia Clark stating that the sidewalk tiles that these shoe prints fit inside were 11 and 1/2 inches square OMIG felt certain that a man the size of O.J. Simpson was not going to fit in those shoes.

To further verify it, OMIG investigators sent off to the Italian manufacturer, SILGA, maker of the U2887 shoe sole on the bottom of the Bruno Magli Lorenzo model size 12 shoe. As they predicted Simpson’s foot did not fit inside that shoe sole, and there would have been no reason pursuant to agent Bodziak’s allegation of preference for Simpson to have bought a high end expensive $250 casual shoe like that with his toes hanging out over the edges of the shoe sole. We believe that Bodziak knew this, though Goldberg praises him in his book, we believe Goldberg knew the unlikelyness of Simpson’s foot fitting in those alleged Bruno Magli shoes as well. Documents that OMIG retrieved from retired FBI agents indicate that Bodziak allegedly engaged in something that had become pervasive within the bureau according to those retired agents, and that is advancing their careers at the expense of convicting innocent people, some of which they pointed out had linguished on death row until put to death. These type of agents who engaged in that type of conduct were referred to disparagingly by others as “Blue Flamers”, or agents who would advance their careers with no moral compass at all in regard to framing innocent people.

The lackluster offical investigation, intentionally making a mockery of justice while engaging in obstruction was all by design with the presumption that it would not or could not ever be revealed. Nevertheless, the repository of tabloid doom for which Simpson’s case has been sent is an unkindly place, where one must sit while waiting to die yet while not dead, grinning while enduring the orchestrated painful lashes of deception delivered presently by buffonish comedians, the likes of Jimmy Kimmel or those mediocre latter apprentices of tomfoolery on Saturday Night Live, neither of which know what went on in this infamous trial. When the denigration reaches this level of comedy it is arguably the most painful to watch by investigators like ourselves and others when a known lie is being exploited by concealment. False news by mainstream news commentators is an easier opponent to go up against because their integrity is at stake and presumably rests on presenting the truth, but not so with comedians. They are there to deliver a joke to make you laugh, he has no regard whatsoever as to whether his joke is based upon the truth or not. The intent of such political satire as comedy is to take something the world already presumes to know as the truth, and inflate the audacity of some normal action the target has engaged-in to comedically display the lunacy and/or hypocracy of their conduct. Hence, it then become absurd for anyone to offer Simpson a Covid vaccine shot to protect himself, and that absurdity becomes the joke.

That is what is happening to O.J. in this tabloid pergatory, he has practiced the venerable act of wearing the mask as so many Hollywood celebrities have learned to do over time. At some point we hope that he or his heirs will ask OMIG about the truth, though we have no optimism that such will ever take place. For now we can only continue to watch the pretense of relevance that O.J. attempts to project in the wake of this built up public hatred promoted within this tabloid universe of lies and deception.

Shame on the FBI because given the perception of their level of integrity, an image they aggressively strive to protect, if they were acting truly as an arm of justice of the U.S. Justice Department, they could have in all probability caused this infamous fraudulent trial to shut down no later than week 5 of the criminal trial, and possibly sooner than that since they had already done 3 months of forensic work well before asking to be invited into the case, in September of 1994, which was 4 months before the trial would start. The unfortunate net result is what the anonymous LAPD insider was trying to signal 27 years ago in 1994, that this cult of white supremacy infiltrating vital organs of both state and federal law enforcement was going to become a danger to us all. I wish I could have asked him did he see in his vision as far away as what we now are faced with today?

The one thing that we could certainly see back in 1996 when OMIG was created is that the dangerous seeds of racial animus intentionally poured into the mainstream of public discourse predictably would lead to some of the inexplicable inhumane conduct we’ve all witnessed recently. We saw those seeds planted during and immediately after the Simpson trial. Those like Goldberg who have continued to conceal the truthful evidence in the Simpson case, in my opinion, must take responsibility for the damage that promoting a big lie has done to racially damage this nation.

T.H. Johnson is the author of Pursuit of Exhibit 35 in the OJ Simpson Murder trial, The People V. O.J. Simpson and producer of the documentary, Serpents Rising: The OJ Simpson Conspiracy.

4 thoughts on “O.J.’s Terrible Tabloid Tomb……..revealed in a critique of a prosecutor’s book.

  1. I don’t understand why he and/or his kids don’t communicate with you guys and try to clear his name. I guess they’re okay with everyone thinking he’s a murderer and attacking the jury. It’s a shame.


  2. He communicates with OMIG, yet your question is still a mystery to OMIG as well, even after watching him shed an angry tear back in 1999 when T.H. Johnson brought the stark facts of OMIG’s discovery to him that tore through that Hollywood veneer he perennially projected. OMIG believes also that it has had a severe impact upon his family as well, but they always deferred to him. So who knows what type of arm-lock the power structure has on him, at least back then to not want to press these culprits against the wall on OMIG’s time table. Could have been something we didn’t know, i.e. drug trafficking, etc. maybe? However, when you think he would not come through he would because if he did not finally sign their agreement to be allowed to investigate this matter on his behalf with their lawyer, OMIG and T.H. Johnson never would have been able to make this documentary that has been in 5 film festivals globally in 2005 and on Amazon Prime for the last 13 years. https://youtu.be/h1GUs71tbHM


    1. Interesting. I’ve watched Serpents Rising, it had some good info. If I may ask, what made him so angry at TH Johnson? And does he still communicate about the case with OMIG? I agree OJ is addicted to the spotlight and upholding his image.I think it goes both ways though, the media is equally addicted to him and convincing the public he’s a murderer. I can’t imagine why his kids thought him getting a Twitter was a good idea. In regards to drug trafficking, are you implying OJ has purposefully kept his mouth shut because of what he knows about the murders? If so I agree.


  3. We do not know what OJ may or may not have known about the murders. However, factor analysis has always implied to OMIG that he has had to remain silent because of something that they may have had on him that he knows. OJ makes decisions regarding marketing that are not sophisticated and whether they are a good platform for him to talk about innocent non-personal controversial areas such as sports. So, he does the same thing now with his conversations about sports using his Twitter page. However, he is not in a position nor does he know a strategy of how to redirect the focus onto those who engaged in malfeasance to destroy his professional career and perceived integrity before the cameras. Hence, it simply appears to be a man treading water by trying to re-live the golden years when people really cared about him to tune in. A large percentage of them now simply tune in because it is a convenient place to ridicule him. in a twisted manner, OJ and his cronies capitalized on making cheap, quick money, based on negative controversy, i.e. “If I Did it” or selling a used Bronco and a used car dealership.

    What made him mad I suspect with T.H. Johnson is because T.H. does not screw around he gets to the central point, lays it on your platter, and then stands back knowing you don’t have a good choice beyond the one that he is presenting. He can decipher positions that people find themselves facing even when those people have not yet figured it out. They can now either move off of zero or stand there and get run over, and he does that without passion or showing empathy one way or the other. So, it makes people I would assume feel like this guy is telling me something but he’s on the high ground and not sinking along with me. That’s what I think it was, since I don’t think in the end OJ was mad with T.H. although he might have been mad that he had figured out something that was going to happen to Simpson yet it was not going to personally impact T.H. Johnson. Misery loves company, however, T.H. is not going to be his or anyone else’s passenger. If he goes out on a limb it is generally a limb on a tree that he controls and knows the consequences that he will face but not a limb that he’s allowed others to bait him out on.
    OJ communicates better or more often with Dr. Henry Johnson, OMIG’s chairperson because he is a medical doctor that is more laid back than his brother, T.H. and has addressed some of the physical ailments that impact Simpson, even going there to check on him while in prison in Nevada.


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