Maddogg guest writer, T.H. Johnson, author and Investigative Team Coordinator, OMIG


For Millennials not around at the time of this tragedy, the murders associated with the O.J. Simpson case in 1994 or those who were around but are now hampered with temporary amnesia, this is former Detective of the Los Angeles Police Department, Mark Fuhrman.

He was fired from the department back in 1995 after getting caught committing perjury while under oath and needlessly lying about using the derogatory, and racially incendiary epithaph, “NIGGER!” He was intentionally asked had he used that word in the prior ten years; just enough time, in my opinion, for Simpson defense attorney F. Lee Bailey to set a liar’s trap. I underline “needlessly” above because after reading the book authored by members of the predominantly black female jury in the Simpson criminal trial, MADAM FORMAN, they stated that they would not have held it against Fuhrman’s credibility had he admitted to using the word. That was because they recognized the stressful street crime environment in which LAPD-police officers like Fuhrman worked and that he may have used that word, but the use of that word had nothing to do with the evidence of the case they felt.

However, others who testified had already alleged Fuhrman to be a racist and a corrupt police officer who engaged in planting evidence on individuals he was offended with due to one of his own perceived racial infractions, such as an interracial couple, ie. black man and white woman, riding in a vehicle together. His own assigned partner, Det. Andrew Purdy, accused Fuhrman of being a neo-Nazi who paraded around the precinct on the weekends wearing Nazi paraphernalia. Purdy also stated to the internal complaints officer in the DA’s office, Lucianne Coleman, in July 1994, that Fuhrman had planted a swastika in his locker because Purdy had chosen to marry his Jewish fiance. Nonetheless, it turned out that Fuhrman had used the word NIGGER quite comfortably and profusely at least 41 documented times within the last few years while providing information about police officers in an ongoing taped interview with a potential screenwriter, Laura Hart McKinney. I am of the same belief as the jurors that using the word, NIGGER!, was not the greatest offense or lie that Fuhrman told that should have had him impeached from the trial and charged with perjury. No, not at all! However, I do believe that there was something more relevant as to whether Simpson should have been charged with the murders of his ex-wife and her young friend, Ronald Lyle Goldman.

You see Fuhrman above pointing towards a glove found at the murder site of OJ Simpson’s Ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, in the morning hours of June 13, 1994. It turned out that that glove was a match to the only piece of evidence that ties Simpson to the infamous murders that occurred the night of June 12, 1994. Another glove Fuhrman allegedly found on Simpson’s residential property at a location a few miles to the north of the murder site, at 360 North Rockingham Drive, is solely the one piece of evidence tying Simpson to the murders. If no glove was found on his property there would, in all likelihood, have been no charges filed against Simpson. The glove shown below was allegedly found well down the southside side-walk on Simpson’s property underneath an air conditioner attached to the guesthouse in which Kato Kaelin resided attached to the rear of the main house. Kato’s quarters and Simpson’s oldest daughter, Arnelle’s, front entrances to their guest houses are shown in the photo below which represent the rear of Simpson’s main residence at his former Rockingham address.

Fuhrman testified that after finding the glove seen immediately above behind Kato’s guesthouse and showing it to the other detectives down the long sidewalk, taking them there one by one, he stated he was ordered by lead Detective Phillip Vannatter to return to the original Bundy murder site and find the LAPD photographer, take a photo, and see if the glove there matched the one he now found on Simpson’s Rockingham property. Now the time that Mark Fuhrman was allegedly ordered to go back to the murder site was approximately 7:00 AM which was about two hours after all four detectives had decided they would violate the detectives’ primary rule of not going into another potential crime site and contaminating it. They decided to go to Simpson’s house at 5:00 AM to allegedly inform him of the murder of his ex-wife by then the photo above of Furhman pointing at the glove had already been taken approximately a half hour to forty-five minutes earlier, between 4:15-4:30 AM. Now one has to ask themselves, why is this man, Detective Mark Fuhrman, pointing at that glove almost a half-hour before he and three other detectives decide to go to Simpson’s house? Are we to believe he was a talented psychic that suspected he would find another glove there? If one even believes that then one has to ask, why then did he tell a lie while under oath about the time this photo was taken? He said he was ordered to return to the murder site from Simpson’s residence find the photographer and take the photo to determine a match. The image in bright light made one believe it was taken as he stated during daylight hours around 7:10 AM-7:15 AM by the official LAPD photographer; furthermore, 7:10 AM was after daylight and about 3 hours after that photo of Fuhrman pointing at the glove was actually taken.

Above is a fascimile of the darness before dawn when the photo above of Fuhrman pointing at the glove was taken at the murder site. Although a facsimile it is, yet it only raises additional suspicion of how Fuhrman could forget whether he hailed the photographer to take a photo in natural sunlight or in darkness.

LAPD Official Photographer, and Reserve Police Officer, Rolf Rokahr

Again, what shall one think, when the official LAPD photographer, Rolf Rokahr, took the witness stand after Fuhrman had been impeached and charged with perjury? Rokahr, pretending at first to be a nervous fuddy-duddy lacking accurate memory of events, which appeared to be an inherent affliction impacting a number of LAPD officers talking behind closed doors but swearing to the complaint’s officer in the DA’s office, Lucianne Coleman, if forced to take the witness stand they would lie. Fuhrman’s former detective partner, Andrew Purder, even invoked the fear of reprisal from a special unit inside the LAPD called the SPU short for Special Problems Unit. Though it appeared to be formed as a quasi-independent unit to deal with violent street gangs, it was unusual when the attorneys mentioned his fear of it, and Judge Lance Ito had to explain to them what the letters stood for. THE SPU, SPECIAL PROBLEMS UNIT, was it intended to keep other officers in line and not to cross the thin blue line of secrecy?

One of Simpson’s defense attorneys, Peter Neufeld.

However, direct examining Simpson attorney, Peter Neufeld, was smart enough to have produced a tape recording of an interview with Rokahr just 24 hours earlier and played it in court of him stating that he was contacted by Detective Fuhrman to take only the photo of the glove at around 4:15 AM in the morning, in complete darkness, and photos of nothing else. Rokahr said he had to use a flash bulb and had Fuhrman point at the glove because of the darkness. Rokahr stated also that he took about 6 other photos after the two, numbers 34 and 35, of Fuhrman pointing at the glove. They were the last on that roll of film he had. After taking the photo of the glove, Fuhrman did not ask Rokahr to take any other photos at the murder site. Rokahr testified that he used his own discretion to take 5 or 6 photos which he took after the Fuhrman glove photo, implying that he and Fuhrman had no more interaction. Fuhrman had what he wanted a photo of the glove with he, himself, pointing at it.

That was around 4:15 to 4:25 AM almost an hour and a half before sunrise at 5:41 AM, about 45 minutes before he and the other detectives he allegedly influenced to go to OJ’s house at 5:00 AM, and about 2 hours before finding the other glove at Simpson’s house, and about 3 hours before the lie Fuhrman told under oath of when he was ordered to leave Simpson’s house and return to take the above photo at 7:10 AM to see if it matched the one he found behind the house at Simpson’s Rockingham residence around 6:oo AM.

Why did Fuhrman lie about when he pointed at and took the photo of the glove before ever going to Simpson’s house? It makes one believe what author Stephen Singular wrote in his book on the Simpson trial, LEGACY OF DECEPTION. According to Singular, an anonymous insider within the LAPD that visited with him over a thousand miles away from Los Angeles in Denver, 7 months before the trial, told him that Fuhrman had gone to Simpson’s Rockingham residence earlier that dark night around 3:00 AM shortly after being advised by his superior, Detective Ron Phillips of the West Side Division at around 2:45 AM, forty five minutes after arriving, that they were now off the case as lead detectives and the case was now being transfered to the elite S.I.D. (Special Investigations Division) detectives of Robbery/Homicide downtown.

S.I.D. Detectives Tom Lange (L) and Phil Vannatter (R)

Those detectives, Tom Lange and Phil Vannatter, were still more than an hour away from arriving at the murder site and enough time for a beligerent Mark Fuhrman to drive the few minutes away with another detective, he allegedly got into an argument with about going to another site. They allegedly went to Simpson’s Rockingham Residence in a futile attempt for Fuhrman to find evidence there according to Singular’s book, LEGACY that implicated Simpson in these murders at his ex-wife’s condo on Bundy Drive. Hence, given the lies told by Fuhrman while under oath on the witness stand surrounding this vital piece of evidence, the matching bloody glove, it makes it more plausible in line with what the anonymous insider told Singular in Denver, that Fuhrman carried that matching glove to Simpson’s Rockingham residence in a blue detectives evidence bag the second time during that morning they went there. Singular states it was placed in the blue plastic evidence bag with a broken piece of wood off the back fencing at Nicole’s condo on Bundy Drive. Both pieces of evidence, the broken piece of wood and a blue plastic bag the latter in close proximity to the glove were collected as well as being discussed in a less than sensational manner during the direct examination of Mark Fuhrman by Marcia Clark and cross examination of Detective Tom Lange by Johnnie Cochran. Given the fact that now we have empirical evidence that Fuhrman lied about when the photo was taken, implying his feigning of an inability to tell the difference between daylight and the darkness of night time. His contradictional testimony from that of the official LAPD photographer, Rokahr, makes one question the validity of the glove evidence. Whether it was used by a resentful Fuhrman, angered with the LAPD for not recognizing his alleged detective skills after 19 years on the force and subsequently rewarding him with promotions he felt he was entitled, appear to have plausibly moved him to plant that glove in an attempt to frame Simpson. if you read into the subtexts Fuhrman presents during his discussions in his book, MURDER IN BRENTWOOD he virtually demeans the whole LAPD, but most certainly Detective Phillip Vannatter. That revealed anger in his book simply has led us to ponder at OMIG (Ocean Medical Investigative Group) whether the conspiracy which appears to be much broader than just Fuhrman, led to others setting Fuhrman up. Anyone with any common sense that saw no blood trail leading to or away from where that glove was allegedly found by Fuhrman, approximately 210 feet in on Simpson’s property, may have already known how ridiculous and absurd that premise was. At that point, assuming Vannatter was a part of the conspiracy, and who Fuhrman truly despises in his book, after being shown the glove would have known something was out of order. He and others knew of Fuhrman’s zeal, which wasn’t a secret, to be assigned to the elite Robbery-Homicide detective’s unit. That exuberance of Fuhrman to be the LAPD’s “wonder boy” in this high profile case in essence made him the perfect patsy to be positioned by others in this wide coverup to shield their involvement and take the blame if things went sideways. In order to insure his personal relevance, these recent revelations, imply that Fuhrman acted with no remorse or sense of impunity. He would perpetrate a lie against Simpson, possibly as a result of his inexplicable intimate knowledge about Simpson’s e-wife, Nicole, i.e. allegedly telling others on the LAPD of how nice her breast enhancement turned out. If downing Simpson is what it would take to show others his preeminence as an investigator, Fuhrman appeared to be up for it, afterall he had allegedly told Kathleen Bell how he planted evidence to insure a conviction of black men he stopped riding in cars with white women. In our opinion, it made Fuhrman perfect to be sacrificed, albeit being a liar and scoundrel he was, by others more wily than he in the corrupt Los Angeles police department.

What appears to be Fuhrman’s needless lies he’s told under oath has only opened the door for the allegations that others have made about not only his, but a neo-Nazi connection inside the LAPD. The first time it arose is with the statements of his former partner Andrew Purdy, accusing Fuhrman of donning Nazi paraphernalia on the weekends at the West Division Precinct and subsequently planting a swastika in his locker due to his intention to marry a Jewish woman. Fuhrman said the internal affairs department did not find evidence of his planting a swastika, Stephen Singular stated that his publisher, Michael Viner, attained a copy of the internal affairs conclusion and it too contradicted what Fuhrman alleged regarding his innocence. Harvey Levin, the host of TMZ, told about a 6 minute story of how he received a tip of a large contingent of LAPD officers had gathered at a Los Angeles bar to celebrate the birthday of Adolf Hitler, at the time Levin was a reporter for the CBS TV affiliate in Los Angeles. Then there are the remarks made by the LAPD anonymous insider talking to Stephen Singular in Denver and making the connection of how neo-Nazi sympathizers had entered the LAPD and were now in higher command positions protecting corrupt and brutal officers like Mark Fuhrman. When they retire or leave the L.A. police department, he stated that many of them retire in the same vicinity as the white nationalist Aryan Resistance headquarters around Hayden Lake, Idaho. Even Fuhrman after being fired from the LAPD retired just 8 miles down the road from the Aryan Resistance headquarters in the city of Couer D’Alene, Idaho.

However, what is also quite interesting in the midst of the lies Fuhrman has told is a statement found in another book allegedly associated with revelations regarding the Simpson case, entitled BLOOD OATH, by two authors named Steven Worth and Carl Jaspers.

The book like Stephen Singular’s LEGACY OF DECEPTION, talks about a similar neo-Nazi connection within the Los Angeles Police Department and it speaks of Fuhrman as a potential conspirator in the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. What is most interesting is what appears to be information on a circular the authors cite regarding a daily weekend schedule during a union conference meeting of the Police Protection League, 110 miles east of Los Angeles at the La Quinta Resort, in La Quinta, California. Interestingly, the schedule of events allegedly cited in the circular differ radically from what Fuhrman stated while under oath in the Simpson trial. The question is whether Fuhrman lied about where he was on the night of the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman in Brentwood. Fuhrman, when asked by Deputy DA Marcia Clark, stated that on that night, Sunday, June 12, 1994, he was on the highway making the 2.5 hour drive back to his home in the Los Angeles suburb of Redondo Beach right before 8:00 PM when he alleged the barbeque started for the union members that night. Fuhrman was allegedly an official delegate to that weekend union conference June 11th and June 12th, 1994. According to the Blood Oath authors, Saturday’s schedule involved a general meeting from 8:00 AM until 3:00 in the afternoon. In the evening there was a reception that started at 7:00 PM and a barbeque dinner scheduled from 8:00 PM until 09:30 PM. Sunday’s agenda on June 12th called for a general sessions meeting from 8:00 AM until 11:00 AM after which the League members checked out. Mark Fuhrman could not have left LaQuinta on Sunday, June 12, 1994 around 8PM before the barbeque started, because the barbeque was on Saturday-there was no barbeque on Sunday, according to the authors Worth and Jaspers. Since contract negotiations were taking place one could assume that the delegates were meeting between 8:00AM and 11:00 AM that Sunday morning on June 12, 1994 to discuss the acceptance or rejection of the city’s latest wage offer, the result of long and difficult negotiations. Since Fuhrman was an official delegate it would have required departing his home at 5:30 AM to make the 2.5 hour drive back to LaQuinta to cast his vote, before they checked out at 11:00 AM. Again, due to the contradictions in Fuhrman’s statements under oath regarding his lie about his non-use of racial slurs or the time for which he called upon the LAPD photographer to take the first photo of the matching glove, whatever he says has to be carefully reexamined. Hence, the question now becomes why did he use an alleged Sunday night departure at 8:00 PM from a barbeque in LaQuinta as an alibi for his whereabouts and why did Marcia Clark ask him where he was at 8:00 PM? If Furhman was not on that highway at 8:00 PM that Sunday night, June 12, 1994, 110 miles away from Los Angeles, then where was he?

See more contradictions concerning evidence in the so called “trial of the Century”, the OJ Simpson trial. Watch the investigative documentary SERPENTS RISING: An Independent Investigation of the OJ Simpson Trial on the Amazon Prime platform…/dp/B0046Z2M8I/ref=sr_1_1…


  1. Hi i got a question and was Glen Rogers DNA at the Nicole and Ron’s crime scene and did Oj’s lawyers try to get Glen Rogers DNA from Death Row and he made a confession to the LAPD about the crimes he made and i want to know was Glen Rogers DNA was the at crime scene


  2. Hi i got a question and was Glen Rogers DNA at the Nicole and Ron’s crime scene and did Oj’s lawyers try to get Glen Rogers DNA from Death Row and he made a confession to the LAPD about the crimes that he committed


    1. Everything about Glen Rogers, like the Juditha Brown Telephone Records, has been extremely protected by corrupt officials in Los Angeles County. They are concealed by those acting under the color of authority in order to protect the seductively addictive false narrative of OJ Simpson as the contemporary murderous Othello; yet, they appeared to use the same judge on several occasions over a three year period of time to seal such information, Judge John H. Reid. That false narrative of a fanatically jealous Negro murdering a white woman has been extremely productive for these charlatans who have enriched themselves, become promoted to higher government offices, or attained notoriety in the legal world that they may or may not have deserved. In order for them to maintain this facade they certainly have had to conceal the two files that this organization, OMIG (Ocean Medical Investigative Group) is aware of concerning Glen Edward Rogers. Case file BA-109525 Rogers California Capital Case (Death Row) appeal file because of the info contained in it. Then there is case file 97-222 the Civil Service Grievance transcript of the Deputy D.A. , Lea P. D’Agostino, who was originally the prosecutor in charge of the Rogers case, as it related to the Sandra Gallagher murder in 1995 in Van Nuys, California. When D’Agostino arranged what Garcetti and his minions thought was the impossible, that of getting Rogers taken off and transferred from Florida State Prison’s death row to stand trial for murdering Sandra Gallagher, DA Gil Garcetti’s office went crazy trying to get rid of D’Agostino.
      The documents OMIG investigators have seen imply a fear that Rogers would be running his mouth on death row at San Quentin. She was told in no uncertain words by Gil Garcetti’s Office that Glen Rogers would not be spending any time on death row in a California prison, and as soon as his “high profile” trial was completed in June or July of 1999, (the reason D’Agostino was allegedly pulled down, she was alleged to be unqualified to prosecute a high profile trial), he was immediately shipped back to Florida’s death row. Both files were inadvertently (allegedly) given to OMIG investigators to examine and because everytime Glen Roger’s name is invoked along with Nicole Brown Simpson in Case File 97-222, the information is redacted by black magic marker. So OMIG Investigator, T.H. Johnson (Documentary SERPENTS RISING and books PURSUIT OF EXHIBIT 35 and THE PEOPLE V. O,J. SIMPSON), threw a hail Mary back in 2000 and took the chance of attempting to contact Glen Rogers on Death Row in Flordia and providing information to keep him talking about what was hidden from the court and the public in his California Capital Case file. Rogers and his public defender wrote back to Johnson and told him that the information he shared may have kept him from going to the electric chair since all of his Florida Appeals had expired and he was waiting for the death warrant citing what day they would execute him. He’s still alive, and has been writing back and forth to OMIG investigators since the year 2,000, and yes, in one of his letters he stated that he told LA County Authorities and Police that he had murdered Nicole and that they “still wanted to blame the black man”. He has also written how he knew Nicole and others in her crew, and most important to OMIG how he was a skillful lefty, (left handed). He spoke of how it aided him and a right handed painter working on the same ladder painting a building, as he acknowledged painting Nicole’s condo. He also talked about how as a lefty he was able to chop tobacco stalks much faster than right handers and generally made $100 per day at .10 a stalk after cutting a thousand. This was important to OMIG because its chairman, Dr. HenryS. Johnson, had reviewed the autopsy protocols of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson, and the 4 deep stab wounds with a single edge knife in the left side of her neck under her ear indicate wounds delivered by a left handed assailant like Rogers, and not a right handed assailant as the prosecution and its substitute medical examiner attempted to say, and in essence placing the knife or knives in a right handed assailant’s hand; OJ Simpson is right handed. Nicole was killed by a lefty. As far as the authorities finding Glens DNA at Nicole’s they certainly have been protective of anything like that so that we cannot give you an imperical yes. However, given what D’Agostino’s investigators imply and Glen acknowledging an intimate proximity to Nicole, it is hard for us to believe that they did not find some of his DNA at her residence. However, I doubt they even cared about doing such an investigation since most of the time the lead detectives spent the day the bodies were found on Monday, June 13, 1994 was over at O.J.’s Rockingham property. They had more or less made up their mind by the time Simpson arrived back from Chicago about noon in L.A. that Simpson was their targeted culprit, by 3:15 PM or within 15 hours of discovering the bodies the LAPD pulled the crime scene tape down at the Bundy Drive murder site. In essence, within 15 hours they had decided that they had their man…….Maddogg


  3. Can anyone in the Simpson corner find a way to challenge this asinine civil trial and judgement that the Goldman’s show everyone as if it means guilt for Simpson. If the civil case wasn’t double jeopardy then I am crazy. Had OJ been convicted in the criminal trial then yes I can see him facing a wrongful death civil suit but OJ was acquitted so how in the world can they have a second trial?


  4. Get us the case file number of the latest Goldman filing for $96 million since it has become a topic of discussion at our varous tables. The Goldmans have a lot of unexplained baggage the authorities have concealed that should be brought to the public’s attention as well as to the court(s) with as much enthusiasm as they appear to have to run to TMZ and other media platforms with their alleged court actions against Simpson. Usually, it is at a time when others need to divert the public’s attention away from something else that is earthshaking. Last week it appeared to be intended to blunt the Congressional testimony mounting against Trump’s direct knowledge and actions to overthrow the US Government by those closest to him in the Oval office of the WhiteHouse. We can always count on them to drag Fred out.

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    1. Its the old $30 million judgment being renewed by Fred Goldman. The Goldman daughter was on Twitter a couple of weeks ago bragging about the updated verdict now standing at $96 million. According to their website TMZ obtained the Goldman documents . You know Harvey Levinson owner of TMZ was meeting with Bob Shapiro during the OJ trial or during the weeks leading up to the trial and Shapiro allowed Levinson to see his trial strategy board. Shapiro planned to sand bag OJ and he was using Levinson then working for local CBS affiliate to leak things Shapiro wanted leaked as a part of that sand bagging strategy. (Thank goodness for Cochran, and company because Shapiro was looking to sandbag his client) Shapiro and Levinson met often during the Simpson trial. Levinson was certainly rewarded for his behavior. Harvey still acts as if Simpsons guilt is a foregone conclusion–How could that be there was no evidence presented in the criminal case to mildly suggest Simpson guilt. No one can know OJ was guilty it’s impossible! You guys are Los Angeles based, call Harvey or his staff and locate the Goldman court documents. Someone ought to sue the shit out of Fred Goldman. He’s another boob claiming to be a mind reader and knows OJ is guilty. I don’t know OJ is guilty, the jury didn’t know he was guilty so goofy Fred cant know it either.


  5. Thank you for this. It’s good to see some people are not buying the false popular narrative that “OJ is guilty”. The man was acquitted in a court of law for God sake. At least, we can say, we don’t know or we are not sure But OJ was convicted by the media and the public which is called public lynching.


    1. Could Fuhrman be one of the killers? Notice how I slip in the fact that there had to be two killers? Why is OJ so docile on Twitter. I enjoy his NFL insight but I’d rather see him punch these assholes in the mouth. By assholes I mean the assholes that tried to cover up a double homicide and throw OJ in the can for life. I’ll hold em down if OJ promises to kick them .


      1. If OJ got caught with his hand in the cookie jar on something else, it would be doubtful that he could punch anyone in the mouth or kick them. All he could do is keep his mouth shut and agree to be used for their own sinister purposes which has been arguably more detrimental to the African American community nationally, and especially its black male members. The seductive false narrative with its subtle yet powerful racial undertones are beneficial for corrupt scoundrels with another ulterior motive beyond the simple rewards of pecuniary gain which a puppet like a Marcia Clark could be lured in to engage such a fraud, but the bigger shot callers hide behind the curtain.


      2. It’s too bad OJ couldn’t use Twitter to create a zoom call or something akin to go over the Bundy murders and the “fake trial” (thanks in part to POTUS DJT for creating the term Fake News). I suppose OJ is on parole from the 2008 set up and has to be very careful of what he says.


    2. Absolutely….However, the narrative built around Simpson albeit is false, yet it is a seductive and addictive narrative classic from 16th and 17th century Europe. Out of 112 short stories published around 1565 by the Italian playwright, Cinzio, Shakespeare in 1604 chose number 7 a Novella entitled UN CAPITANO MORO, the dark captain. The racial undertones put before the Caucasian in the 20th century had the same effect as it did for 17th century audiences for Shakespeare’s most popular plays as this would become with his popular tragedy, OTHELLO. In both you have a celebrated commander of the Venetian Brigades, vanquisher of its opponents, who became smitten by a young tender white woman, where he is driven by his own fanatical infatuation and jealousy to stalk and kill her. That mythical narrative was simply brought forward 400 years and tailored to fit OJ Simpson, celebrated black commander of the NFL playing field. He too became smitten by a tender young white woman who he is alleged to have stalked and killed as well. Unfortunately, to sell that narrative to the mass public they have had to conceal so many mitigating and crucial pieces of evidence that favored Simpson. Favoring Simpson, however, is not what they wanted because the false narrative was too profitable for the perpetrators of this gigantic fraud in several ways.


  6. I laughed so hard at the glove being the only thing that tied Simpson to the murder haha. Not the history of stalking. Or head hairs. Or his exact shoe size in his a rare shoe he owns. Or buying a knife 2 weeks before the murders. Or receipts of Nicole buying him the gloves in his exact size. Or his blood dripping at the scene and in the bronco and at his house. Yes. It was just that glove at rockingham.


    1. Let us examine what you apparently believed one by one I assume you meant that led you to believe that Simpson was guilty beyond the glove that Fuhrman allegedly discovered. You say as part of the empirical evidence of Simpson’s guilt

      1.) Re: the history of stalking. According to Kato Kaelin’s book when he was a permanent house guest of Nicole he noted she still interacted closely and largely amicably with Simpson and even asked him to ride by her Gretna Green condo and check on the security of her and the children because she was concerned about others possibly stalking her. Considering the multiple men Nicole was dating from time to time and those young ones she wanted Kato to introduce her to, she was in close proximity in that whirlwind of men with some who had questionable backgrounds and others sordid criminal histories, such as the multiple female killer on Florida’s death row, Glen Edward Rogers, the house painter who painted her condo. Two case files sealed by the judge the DA’s office appeared to have in their back pocket, Judge John Reid, case file BA-109525 and the Civil Service Grievance Complaint of Deputy DA Lea P. D’Agostino, Case file 97-222 put Rogers in intimate proximity of Nicole Brown Simpson, the other the psychiatric affliction sporadically causing him to engage in lethal violence Acute Intermittent Porphyia aka Mad King George’s Disease.

      2.) RE: Head Hairs- – the Courts finally determined that the alleged determination of a person’s identity by Hair fibers was nothing but Voodoo science and could not be used as it had been touted so often by testifying FBI agents. It was an issue that an FBI agent had complained about internally to the overseers supposedly over the FBI the OIG (Office of the Inspector General) of the USDOJ.

      3.) RE: The Exact shoe size- – I would direct your attention to another article from the OMIG investigative group on this site AN ERRONEOUS OJ LIE FOUND IN A SHOE PRINT

      4.) RE: the knives he bought- – none of those knives matched the measurements of the knives that created the exit wounds found in the autopsy reports of each of the murdered victims. Attain the full autopsy report on both Ron and Nicole and compare the dimensions of the two different types of knife wounds found on the victims bodies.

      5.) Re: Gloves bought in his exact size- – the gloves that F. Lee Bailey tried on and found tight on his hands and then baited a bullheaded deputy DA Chris Darden by challenging his manhood that he was too cowardly to get Simpson to try them on, knowing that Simpson has enormously large hands. Darden took the bait and accepted the dare without knowing the answer regarding evidence before making a statement. That statement was born out before the cameras showing the awkward appearance of Simpson’s hands stuffed into gloves that appeared to be too small for his extraordinarily large hands.

      Finally, 6.) there was only one blood drop collected off the back gate allegedly belonging to OJ Simpson despite the hearsay of his dripping blood at the scene. The blood drop was stated by an anonymous LAPD member in a Denver hotel room where he traveled a thousand miles away from LA to meet a Denver based true crime author named Stephen Singular. He told Singular that none of the blood collected was to be trusted. He said that the blood swatch collected number 47 was Simpson’s blood found 3 weeks later on the back gate, and swatch 48 was the blood of his ex-wife Nicole found on socks found on his bedroom floor that both if tested would be found to be contaminated with a highly concentrated blood anti-clotting preservative called EDTA. The anonymous LAPD member on August 1, 1994, seven months before the Simpson murder trial, wanted Singular to get the defense to test the blood and to not go to the DA’s office which he considered to be simply another corrupt arm of the LA justice system. Singular spent 3 months and 20 overtures attempting to get the Simpson defense team to test the blood, but they declined.

      However, the allegation in a proposed book manuscript would come to the attention of the LADA’s office and first Christopher Darden by the publisher/owner of Dove Books, Michael Viner, who was in negotiations with Singular to publish his subsequently titled book LEGACY OF DECEPTION. However, he would not do so until after Simpson was convicted since he felt Simpson was guilty, Yet, Viner violated the NDA agreement with Singular and with his lawyer went to the DA’s office and shared with them what was included in Singular’s manuscript regarding contaminated blood, implying it had been collected in a blood collection vial and then planted drop by drop where corrupt court officers wanted it planted to implicate Simpson. It would not be Darden who would press the issue of the alleged contaminated blood, when he heard the allegations of Viner in the manuscript he ran back to Marcia Clark and demanded she retract the assignment of managing both Detectives Fuhrman and Vannatter because Darden considered them both to be liars. However, a prosecutor and DNA expert on loan from the Oakland, CA DA’s office, Rockne Harmon, heard about the allegation and appeared to make a move to protect his own ass. He made a loud pronouncement within the LADA’s office that this author Stephen Singular was a charlatan and he was determined to show it and run him out of town on a rail by having the FBI laboratory test the blood for EDTA.

      Rockne Harmon wrote a letter to the FBI laboratory and told them he wanted them to totally refute the presence of EDTA found in the blood. The chief of the FBI chemistry unit, Agent Roger Martz, would comply with Harmon’s demand and sent a letter back to the LADA’s office dated March 01. 1995 about the 6th week of the trial and stated that he had tested the blood and found no EDTA whatsoever. However, it would be revealed in about 6 months that the FBI agent Roger Martz had lied. He was a biologist and not a chemist so he did not have the skills to establish the protocol to test for EDTA. It was other chemists within the lab who did so, and he absconded with their research and took the conclusions back to his office and changed them. Though Rockne Harmon bragged in court about how he was going to call the only EDTA expert witness to testify for the prosecution, agent Roger Martz, the prosecution would not call him. The defense team would allegedly be tipped off by FBI agents of what Martz had done and encouraged them to call Martz as a witness for the defense.

      Ultimately it would require the defense when they called him in July to ask the judge for agent Martz to be allowed to be treated as a hostile witness due to his less than forthcoming testimony after returning from lunch. During the afternoon testimony is when Martz lied profusely regarding the blood and its contamination with the chemical compound EDTA. It was those lies in his testimony that the agents in the laboratory sought out the assistance of another agent alleging that Martz had committed perjury. The agent they approach had filed close to 200 complaints with the OIG concerning FBI malfeasance in the laboratory over the last decade. His name was Special Agent Frederic Whitehurst and he had filed formal complaints regarding intentional fraudulent conclusions and voodoo science concerning evidence that would be used to help prosecutors gain convictions on many innocent individuals some of whom would die on death row.

      Whitehurst was approached by multiple agents from the FBI laboratory and insisted that if they knew something regarding corruption and malfeasance by agent Martz they were obligated to file a complaint with the OIG of the USDOJ pursuant to a Presidential Executive Order 12731 established by the first President George Bush in 1989. That executive order was established to weed out corruption by those who were a part of the Executive Branch of the US Government. However, the other FBI agents refused to file the complaint out of concern for their jobs and witnessing how doing so had damaged Whitehurst’s career. They insisted that Whitehurst whose career had been tanked for going outside the agency should file the complaint. Whitehurst who was a 2 tour of duty US Army Viet Nam veteran, Bronze Star winner, the highest peacetime award for bravery, the Navy-Marine Medal a few years before going into the US Army. He received that award while a Naval Reserve candidate that saved a person whose car slid into an ice cold lagoon in Norfolk, VA when he was 17 years old.

      Whitehurst was a PHD Chemist, and top FBI Explosives expert who by now had been reduced to examining paint chips in that laboratory when approached about Martz committing perjury as FBI officials continued their decade long fight to push Whitehurst out of the FBI. Whitehurst ultimately agreed to author and file the complaint that agent Martz had lied about the blood in the Simpson case with the OIG. When the complaint was filed, the OIG was obligated to contact the Simpson’s defense team, led now by Johnnie Cochran and report that there were allegations of perjury of a witness in the Simpson trial. Whitehurst was subsequently subpoenaed to appear in LA with his lawyer to testify against the other FBI agent, Roger Martz. When the Director of the FBI. Louis Freeh, became aware that one FBI agent, in this case Whitehurst, was about to take the witness stand in the so called trial of the century and testify about malfeasance of another agent and what goes on internally within the FBI Lab, Louis Freeh sent his top black attorney, Stephen Robinson, in the FBI bureau to Los Angeles to meet with attorney Johnnie Cochran and negotiate with him to keep him from calling Whitehurst to the witness stand.

      After 8 days of being sequestered in a five star hotel suite in Beverly Hills, CA, Whitehurst was called to the court house. He stated that he sat outside the courtroom on a bench for several hours afterwhich the attorneys came out into the hall and told him that his services would not be needed and that he could return to Washington D.C. I’m afraid just like with the other acts of malfeasance had Whitehurst testified he would have burst any bubble that you assume represents the voracity of any of the subjects you assume charactize Simpson’s guilt.


      1. But these Resnick’s are in the mob. That narrows it a bit wouldn’t you say? . In the Simpson case you have shades of Scientology , shades of Charles Manson and the Process Church , and with Charles Manson you have shades of the Minneapolis combination as arch criminal Alvin Karpis was Manson’s guitar teacher and mentor. BTW- Paula Barbieri dated the head of the Church of Set(Satanic church) Hollywood Producer Robert Evans of Cotton Club murder fame. And in 1977 Simpson met his teen paramour at the Daisy Club a club frequented by Tate, Sebring, Folger in the 1960’s. . I still wonder why OJ’s team never demanded the phone records. With the phone records there would be no trial and the real killers never would have gotten all that time courtesy of the LA DA’s office to disappear.


  7. It’s sad. I keep hoping the truth about this case will come out one day, but it’s not looking good. The Court TV docuseries OJ25 is the only documentary that shows the true facts of the case, and it’s been buried by the media. It’s popular on YouTube but not available to stream anywhere.


    1. OJ on podcast with two punk kids. He doesnt seem to be willing to discuss Bundy anymore. I suppose I cant blame him. It never got him anywhere but 9 years in prison for another crime he never committed.
      Hellavu sharp blazer on the Juice. He is still styling and profiling at 75 years old


      1. Not gonna bother watching it. I said it before but I don’t understand why his kids at least don’t try to get the truth about this case to get out there. If anyone would want OJ to be vindicated, it’s them. They’ve been through a lot tho so I don’t blame them for wanting privacy.


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