Maddogg Guest Writer, Cecil Benjamin, OMIG Investigator

As a member of an investigative organization, OMIG, we are one that has continually examined evidence for the last 26 years in the infamous O.J. Simpson case, and a certain segment of that investigation has continuously reminded us of how dangerous the former 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, still is and equally how the mainstream press has continued to miss or lowball the affliction that we believe is the cause of his problem.

That particular segment of our investigation involved the previous husband of the step-mother of the young deceased male victim killed along with O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife, Ronald Lyle Goldman. His step-mom’s name is Patti Glass Goldman and she became the third wife of Ron’s father, the overt and blustery, Frederick Goldman.

One of the potential problems in the Simpson case is that Patti married Fred Goldman about 7 months after her previous husband was sentenced to a federal penitentiary, his name was Marvin J. Glass and Marvin was diagnosed as being a Malignant Narcissist by the pre-trial medical doctors assigned to his case.

The photo to the left of Fred and Patti above is the only one we’ve been able to find of Marvin Glass because to avoid a 210 year prison sentence as a national drug kingpin and accused attempted murderer Marvin Glass was “flippped” and became a Federal “RCI”, Reliable Confidential Informant. Glass would help the Feds to make the biggest bribery case against judges in the history of the U.S. called “Operation Greylord:. Glass a former Illinois Cook County prosecutor-turned defense attorney for the Colombian drug cartels, had created a network of judges he knew in criminal court that took bribes. He would maneuver his cases before one of these judges if one of his clients was brought up on charges to attain lighter or no sentence at all. His cooperation as a confidential informant for “Operation Greylord” helped to bring down several judges including the noted former Illinois Governor and Appellate Judge, Otto Kerner, who former President Lyndon Baines Johnson had appointed in 1967 to head the Kerner Commission. That was an investigative body appointed by presidential executive order to investigate the causes of urban riots in the United States during the summer of 1967. Given Glass’s cooperation he reduced his sentence to 8 years and avoided 200. Hence, all of the information associated with Glass, unless released in prior newspaper articles is removed from the public domain and comes off the grid so that the public is not allowed to attain access to it.

(Ron Goldman, sister Kim, and father Fred Goldman) Concealment of criminal information is a common occurrence by law throughout the United States if a person charged with a crime chooses to cooperate with law enforcement as a Confidential Informant. That is something we initially found, after discovering the same with the deceased Ron Goldman who has a rather sumptuous criminal file. For their own safety their personal information becomes exempt from any public records act or pulic access law granting freedom of information in order to protect the informant from violent retribution.

We found in the record during Marvin Glass’ federal criminal trial that pre-trial medical doctors had determined that he was afflicted with extreme Narcissistic Personality Disorder, NPD. The extreme degree of his affliction is commonly referred to as one being Malignantly Narcissistic. We compared the remarks of the doctors in Glass’s trial to the Army doctors who diagnosed the former leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. When captured and before his trial where he was sentenced to death and hung, Saddam was diagnosed as an afflicted malignant narcissist. Some of the things attributed to Saddam was his complete insensitivity towards humanity, and his personal belief he could never be wrong. Sounds familiar does it not, with Donald Trump. His insensitivity to humanity was mentioned where he could leave his presidential palace to go and casually view detainees handcuffed and blindfolded with a sense of ambivalence being pushed off of Baghdad sky scrapers to their deaths upon hitting the ground. Saddam Hussein, the Malignant Narcissist, thought nothing of anyone else’s conclusions but only his assumptions were what mattered. That mindset would prove to be his downfall when faced with a US military invasion regarding non-existent weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s) in his country.

The Greek Hunter Narcissus

The affliction of Narcissism is named for the mythological Greek hunter, Narcissus, who while hunting became hypnotically attracted to the reflection in a pond of his own beautiful image, and everytime he began to leave the pond the hypnotic effect continued to persistently draw him back to the side of the pond to continue to gaze forever at his own reflection in the pond that he never left. The problem that we find is the press has simply failed to dileniate the difference in one being narcissistic, as they have often repeated about Trump, but rarely if ever the more severe and dangerous problem of being malignantly narcissistic.

By defining someone as being simply narcissistic lends to a somewhat non-threatening persona of the person they are describing. However, failing to be more specific in articulating the person described as being malignantly narcissistic is a bit like haphazardly failing to identify the difference between the non-lethal King snake which has similar bands as the highly lethal venomous Coral snake. Although we should take precaution the press which should be our educator in such coverage leaves the public vulnerable to a lethal assault by someone who is clinically and arguably not in command of their mental faculties if they are enveloped in that affliction of extreme Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

The same sense of ambivalence towards humanity was said about Marvin Glass by his pre-trial medical doctors, that Glass as a malignant narcissist never could admit he was wrong. Doesn’t that sound familiar to Donald Trump, a person who never believes that he is wrong either. Trump blames everyone else, as did Glass, whenever a problem presents itself? Glass was noted, that even though allegedly being a multi-millionaire for brokering drug deals, would send thugs in a crew he controlled to rob valuables from his Chicago suburban neighbors houses when they went on vacation. It appeared that he could never get enough and needed to always inflate the perception of his own image by engaging in over the top things such as renting an elephant to ride through his suburban Chicago neighborhood on his birthday. A malignant narcissist has been diagnosed as someone who will inflate the smallest offense into something perceived as major against them, and that they could stand for nothing to be taken from them. Marvin Glass stood trial for attempted murder because he got into a squabble with his former law partner, Michael Pritzker, over files Glass took with him when they departed. When Glass refused to return the files, Pritzker denied Glass $25,000 owed to him that the firm had received until he returned the client files taken from the law firm. So in response Glass allegedly ordered his criminal crew of enforcers to stalk Pritzker in Lincoln Park on Lake Michigan where he jogged and ordered that they should break his legs. However, instead of breaking Pritzker’s legs one of Glass’s thugs shot Pritzker in the head, though the bullet entered his temple Pritzker still lived. Allegedly he confronted Glass about the assault and according to Pritzker, Glass did not deny it but instead stated that he would make it up to him. The whole affair was indicative of someone feeling offended by a small thing that a malignant narcissist according to doctors would characteristically inflate into the perception of a major insult; this again rings of a familiarity with the actions of Donald Trump.

Another representation of Glass’s Chutzpah was his arrest after leaving a suburban Chicago bank after having gained access to his mother-in-law, Elaine Goldman’s safe deposit box. Glass allegedly told the police “Don’t you know who I am?” He then stated “I am a former prosecutor for Cook County” but it didn’t help him since the authorities contacted his mother in law, Elaine Goldman, and she said that she had not granted permission for Glass to enter her safe deposit box. However, it did raise further questions by OMIG investigators, of how would Glass had entered the box unless he had a key? Had he possibly been using Elaine to conceal ill gotten gains from his drug trafficking activities and possibly she may have been distancing herself from his actions when the authorities contacted her while on vacation in California. The one thing about that incident we found interesting, beyond Glass’s narcissistic behavior, was Glass’s mother-in-law’s surname of Goldman. Years later upon interviewing one of Glass’s sons who accused Fred Goldman of being abusive and that because of the bad blood would never appear in photos with Fred Goldman unlike his siblings who were the other step children of Fred Goldman by Marvin Glass. In the photo seated left to right, Patti Jacobs Glass Goldman, Fred Goldman, Kim Goldman, Lauren Glass, and Michael Glass, standing behind, Barbara Walters. Marvin Glass’s other son told OMIG investigators in the year 2019 that Elaine was married to an alleged uncle of Fred Goldman named Maury Goldman. The marriage to Maury appeared to be Elaine’s second or third marriage after divorcing her daughter Patti’s father whose surname was Jacobs, and Patti Jacobs’ was Patti Goldman’s maiden name. Finally, Glass took money from people some who were dangerous and failed to perform certain legal work but would not return their money. Trump allegedly would not pay the Europen Polish workers who worked as construction laborers on his Trump Tower in New York City even though they only made minimum wage. A malignant narcissist appears to have no conscious in regard to paying the fee for service provided to them by others, that was the way Marvin Glass behaved and that has typically been alleged to be Trump’s behavior as well. Glass even did the same with one of the drug cartels he allegedly had taken $600,000 causing them to place a contract on his life. There were a plethora of stories in the Chicago newspapers regarding the activities of Marvin Glass but despite the impending dangers facing him Glass appeared to feign a persona of ambivalence just as Trump does when facing impending avoidable dangers. Once again, it sounds quite familiar with all of the legal entanglements and money owed people by what appears to be a continuously conniving Donald Trump. The malignant narcissist appears to ride a steed to the unforgiving end….that is unless he can find someone else to throw under the bus. Trump showed that capability during the infamous events of January 6, 2021 when he rallied his followers to proceed to the US Capitol Building to challenge an impending Act of Congress from taking place, the pronouncement of Joe Biden as the winner of the November 2020 Presidential Election. Trump implied that he would be going to the Capitol himself along with the crowd but instead went in the opposite direction back to the Whitehouse to distance himself from that day’s violent mob’s seditious conduct. Yet so many of them after being arrested assumed that Trump was going to pardon them or at least pay their bail, neither of which occurred. Marvin Glass displayed similar characteristics where as a last attempt to avoid detainment he vigorously volunteered to preemptively wear a tape recorder for his federal handler, US District Attorney and noted author, Scott Turow, to tape one of his drug clients, named Ronald Ofshe, again displaying the actions doctors spoke of regarding a Malignant Narcissist and one with great similarity to the conduct of Donald Trump. Ofshe would bring his appeal before the 5th Circuit Appellate Court, regarding Turow condoning Glass’s violation of Ofshe’s right to attorney-client privileges and not having what was disclosed to his own attorney tape recorded and given to his prosecutors. Although the Court took great offense against USDA Scott Turow, and recommended his disbarment for his actions, they still did not overturn Ronald Ofshe’s 15 year sentence.

Marvin Glass (L) and the late Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein, (C) and Donald Trump (R)


  1. I guess Marvin could have put a hit on Nicole & Ron, no-one ever looked at that side of the fence did they?? 🤔👍😖xx

    On Sun, Feb 20, 2022 at 1:17 PM maddoggbuttkickingbrown’s real truth! wrote:

    > MaddDoggButtkickingBrown posted: ” Maddogg Guest Writer, Cecil Benjamin, > OMIG Investigator As a member of an investigative organization, OMIG, we > are one that has continually examined evidence for the last 25 years in the > infamous O.J. Simpson case, and a certain segment of that inves” >


    1. No, no one looked at that angle regarding the powers of Marvin Glass to assign an potential murderous assault as he had previously ordered, or those cartel members who placed contracts on he and his associates for absconding or non-performance with their money, nor did they look at the possibility of those who shot Marcia Clark’s first husband in the head turning him into a vegetable to be taken back to Israel and cared for by his mother. There’s plenty of statements regarding how Marcia Clark was in those casinos often with her husband, Gabriel Horowitz, the professional Backagmamon gambler banned for various cheating methods caught employing. Did they owe, or did his loud mouth threaten to expose people who benefitted from his corrupt conduct? Of course Marcia denies so much about who used to be “her man” but it is alleged that it was Horowitz earnings that helped pay for her law school.


    1. Gaby knew the wealthy from Beverly Hills–wouldnt this include movie stars and producers you know people like the late Sharon Tate or Phil Van Atter (sp?) buddy Roman Pulanski or producer Robert Evans who was dating Paula Baberri (sp?) before she dated OJ.
      At 13, Gaby emigrated from Israel to join an American uncle in Philadelphia, but by 16 he left alone for the West Coast, determined to get rich. And there was no better place for that than Beverly Hills.

      “All I wanted then was money,” Gaby recalls, “and the things money could buy—big, beautiful cars, expensive clothes, and attractive women. My taste,” he adds, “was not terribly refined.”

      Gaby started in $5-a-point games but soon wormed his way into the Beverly Hills big-money milieu by touting himself as the “best backgammon player in the world.” Not one to sit and watch, he even paid commissions to contacts who got him into high-stake games. “I paid generously, and I still pay generously today,” Gaby asserts.

      “Most of the time I played backgammon in the homes of wealthy Beverly Hills families, and I entertained them,” he continues. “I was their loved and hated boy, and in a way they enjoyed losing to me. I was cute, I was Jewish, I could speak four languages, and I seemed educated.”


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