Ignore the 600 LB Gorilla in the Room

Maddoggbuttkickin’Brown’s invited guest writer, William 


600 lb gorilla with bandalier

An article in the Business Insider this week by Hiliary Brueck states the obvious  “Switzerland has a stunningly high rate of gun ownership — here’s why it doesn’t have mass shootings”.  However, in the interesting but meandering article there’s a 600 LB gorilla in the room that it conveniently overlooks.

swiss woman with rifle


Fascinating that the article mentions nothing about the paranoia and insecurity within the US associated with the injustice and inequity of racism and its exploitation for 400 years. This is something the Swiss are generally not known for or an issue that has become part of the national sinew of that nation’s history.   Racism, either in its subliminal or overt form, is the perennial factor in the US whose residual effect of emotional insecurity drives a high rate of gun ownership; particularly of military assault weapons allegedly purchased for sport.

boston flag stabbing Ted Landsmark

Racial animosity and its retribution undoubtedly is an underlying psychological factor used then as it has been over the last 50 years as a catalyst to drive multi-billion dollar gun sales in America.   Such gun sales saw an extraordinary jump when Barack Obama took office as President of the United States in 2009. 


In all probability such high sales were due to the existence of underlying racial paranoia that rests immediately under the surface in America.   The issue of racial exploitation is more of an oxymoron relative to Switzerland but is in all probability a key factor of massive gun ownership in the US.

nikolas cruz in hand cuffs

School Shooting Florida

Undoubtedly the opportunity for such unbridled easy access would imply that guns would more readily wind up in the hands of mentally unstable people in the United States whose twisted minds would not see people of color as their primary targets but vulnerable school-age children, which repeatedly has happened time and time again.

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