Commentary by the Maddoggbuttkickin’Brown

In particular, a war against a nation with a population five times greater than your own where two of these nations have an Army three times larger than your own?

indian and chinese soldiers at the border

So, how do you potentially fight that war when you undermine your own nation’s morale and unity because of your racial hatred for people in this country because they don’t look like you, or speak like you?

children-at-the-borderThe people who don’t look like you represent over half the population in this nation but you want to call the police on a segment of them for petty reasons because you don’t believe they belong in a certain location.

starbucks blacks arrested in Philadelphia (2)

If you feel that way and desire having them arrested what would be tjhheir incentive for fighting by your side?   Then you want the rest of this group deported that don’t look like you even though they have shown themselves to be completely loyal to this country, more so than many of your own people who sell secrets and commiserate with your sworn enemies as American spies.

Image result for robert hanssen spyRelated imageImage result for john anthony walker

Many of these people you denigrate largely perform jobs that you don’t want to do yourselves and will not do.   Yet you want their departure because you want a nation that looks like you, with some false “Leave it to Beaver or Father Knows Best” image; false because the stars of one of these shows were alcoholics and neurotics.

Image result for mexicans in the farm fieldsRelated image

Your racist and xenophobic mindset you ideally espouse would reduce your population by at least one-half and thus further diminish your global significance.

kaepernick-trumpTrump and Lebron James stare down

Apparently that’s okay as long as it eliminated the number of people of color you have to engage on a regular basis to feel comfortable in the United States.

Image result for white trump supporters

However, your ideal of a whiter population would also make your potential global military opponents ten times larger than this mystical nation that you continue to promulgate.  Everything that you think gives you a military advantage these other nations have as well.

Image result for chinese military strength

So when you undermine the unity and morale of your own nation, what is the incentive for those people you hate being in your space to fight along by your side?  Presently if you persist in this madness we see very little.

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