Ref: # 62D-LA-172638 in the matter of O.J. Simpson

Maddogg guest writer R.D. Brazoria, OMIG Research Analyst 

Dr. Henry S. Johnson stumbled upon his own involvement in the OJ Simpson case as an amateur investigator 22 years ago in the fall of 1996.  That was the day someone overheard him say in his office that he’d really like to examine those autopsy reports.   The autopsy reports he was speaking of belonged to the ex-wife of OJ Simpson, Nicole Brown Simpson, and a friend of hers, Ronald Lyle Goldman.  As a result of the person overhearing his vocal thought processes, Dr. Johnson wound up anonymously receiving copies of both reports and since then we all have come to find the significance that a medical examiner’s autopsy report can reveal beyond the obvious relative to death.


Los Angles medical doctor, internist, Henry S. Johnson, who is chairman of the dogmatic Ocean Medical Investigative Group which evolved from his own review of the autopsy reports in the victims in the OJ Simpson case in 1996. 

It generally takes someone like a medical doctor, as Dr. Johnson, to translate what is being said in such a report since, after all, the author of a medical autopsy report is speaking to other medical doctors.    The problem in the Simpson case is that you had others, basically lawyers, trying to engage in interfering with the conclusions drawn by the actual medical examiner.   The lawyers, who were not medical specialists abruptly acted to abrogate, sabotage and distort the conclusions of the actual medical examiner, Dr. Irwin Golden.   The problem that stuck out like a sore thumb to Dr. Johnson are the four knife wounds seen below in the left side of Nicole Brown Simpson’s neck.    The description and direction of the exit wounds Dr. Golden identified were stated in medical terms that lawyers apparently did not understand.   Those four stab wounds, according to Dr. Golden, were made by a single edge knife with the sharp edge facing over the left shoulder of the decedent, Nicole Brown Simpson, and the non-cutting blunt side of the knife facing the front.  That reality was indicative to Dr. Johnson that the attacker was a left handed assailant holding and stabbing Nicole Brown Simpson from behind while wielding a single edge knife in the left hand.  With it positioned in that manner the left handed assailant was easy to place those four stab wounds with the blade lining up with those exit wounds in Dr. Golden’s autopsy report.   The left handed assailant could have as well slit the throat starting under the right ear on the opposite side drawing the knife blade, without re-positioning it, from right to left across the throat and exiting at approximately the mid-line of Brown Simpson’s throat.

Nicole Brown Simpson stab wounds in Left side neck 001

Those four exit wounds, given the direction of the blade, would have made it unlikely to have been delivered by a right handed assailant nut a right handed assailant is what the prosecution needed because O.J. Simpson is right handed.   However, since Dr. Golden gave such a tepid performance during Simpson’s preliminary hearing for the prosecution and stated that his physical examination indicated two different types of knives were involved, the prosecuting lawyers decided to replace him.   They would bring someone else in during the actual trial, Dr. Lakshmanan also dubbed Dr. Lucky by OMIG’s  research analysts.  He would give the prosecution the type of testimony they desired even though Dr. “Lucky” Lakshmanan did not participate in the autopsies nor go to the murder site until six months after the murders took place.

Dr-Irwin-Goldendr lakshmanan lucky

Dr. Irwin Golden (L) the actual medical examiner and Dr. Lakshmanan (R) the replacement medical doctor who was used in the actual Simpson trial.  However, DR. Lakshmanan did not participate in the autopsies.

Thus, Dr. Lucky’s explanations of how the knife wounds were inflicted to Nicole Brown Simpson’s neck were quite bizarre.  He is shown demonstrating the slashing and stabbing of Nicole on a stand-in during the trial.   Dr. Lakshman with his right hand would deliver the stabs repeatedly to the left side of the stand-in’s neck while confronting them face to face.  The manner in which the blade is shown facing out on the side of his small finger on the right hand is only in that position to get the blade to line up with those in the autopsy report.   However, Lakshmanan’s clutching of the knife in that manner is in no position to inflict the deep slashing of Nicole’s throat without re-positioning the knife in the right hand.   He avoids showing the public how the knife had to be re-positioned for slashing by alleging that the right hand assailant’s frontal stabbing of Nicole the assailant then went away from her to launch his lethal assault on Ron Goldman.   After attacking and dispensing with Goldman, Dr. Lakshmanan would assert that the right handed assailant returned to Nicole to slit her throat.  Though Lakshmanan doesn’t bother to do that before the camera it is clear that a right hand assailant would be required to re-position the knife in the right hand in order to slash Nicole Simpson’s throat.  These are actions that a left handed assailant would not have to do.

Dr Lakshmanan and Brian Kelberg

The word amateur as it is used, is done so loosely because in this case the team that Dr. Johnson assembled including his older brother, Tommy, were extremely disciplined and more meticulous in their pursuit of evidence than many other alleged professional agencies.   Tommy, aka T.H. Johnson, makes the claim that their  organization was obligated to be extremely diligent in how they examined evidence unlike others he claimed to make unfounded accusations based on hearsay evidence.   “Most of these people have not bothered to examine the evidence they have been told”.  “They have simply accepted some asinine hearsay as evidence and that was enough to convince them as members of the press that Simpson was the culprit who committed these murders” according to T.H.  “In my opinion”, he said, “that is a sad state of affairs and completely unprofessional; however, it has been par for the course in this nation for over 400 years when the accused of a crime is a person of color it’s simply easy to believe that he did it”.


OMIG symbol 001

The group consisting of a rainbow of races, ethnicities, and genders, is made up of African Americans, Irish, Hispanics, and Asians, who the latter Johnson incorporated strict provisions that no one or any evidence would be granted the privilege of presumption  in the Simpson case.  All of which that came to the examining table would have to stand on its own merits.  This level of discipline has remained in place now as the OMIG organization approaches it’s 20th years of operation.  The non-profit corporation was formed in 1998 in California but not registered until 2008 in Minnesota where T.H. Johnson was based.  It was in early 1998 that Dr. Johnson would find a discrepancy of major importance regarding the last time that Simpson’s ex-wife was known to be alive.  The autopsy report noted the father, and later the mother of Nicole, stated the day the bodies were found that they last talked to Nicole at 11PM the night before on June 12, 1994.   However, by the time of the actual Simpson trial the time of that last phone call had changed three times, from 11 PM June 13, 1994, to 10:17 PM on July 08, 1994, and finally turned back to 09:37 PM on February 07, 1995 during the fourteenth day of the Simpson trial.  This is when OMIG graduated from simply being a medical doctor attempting to clear up irregularities associated with the medical testimony to a plethora of things wrong with the evidence.  If Nicole was alive at 11PM O.J. Simpson could not have killed her because he was entering the backseat of a chauffeur driven limousine heading to LAX airport for Simpson to catch an 11:45 PM flight to Chicago.


We turn the clock forward 22 years and find that OMIG is still quite active with ties to inside sources in both county, state, and federal agencies involved with the Simpson case.  What they have found is that even the FBI failed to cut their losses short and expose the agents who intentionally became involved in perpetuating the fraud of Simpson being guilty of murder.  In the latter part of 2017 OMIG would receive documents indicating that the FBI agent, Roger Martz, was lying who testified that Simpson’s blood was not contaminated with a concentrated anti-clotting preservative coating the collection vial abbreviated as EDTA.

roger martz (2)

It was not civilians or local authorities that busted Martz for committing perjury on the witness stand as an FBI agent (a charge that has enhanced penalties for its repercussions) but members of his own FBI agency laboratory who did so.  As many as six agents angry at Martz absconding with their research on the bloody items a Los Angeles prosecutor in the Simpson trial had sent to Quantico, Virginia and asked them to examine the blood to refute the allegation of it being contaminates and planted as blood evidence.   Those disgruntled agents filed a complaint with the US Department of Justice-Office of the Inspector General alleging Martz had committed perjury in the OJ Simpson trial.  The author of that complaint after the OIG notified Simpson’s defense team was subpoenaed.  After which, the FBI went through great pains to duck around the potential embarrassment one agent testifying against another for lying would do to its image.  FBI administrators addressed their situation by sending their top legal gun to Los Angeles to work out a deal with the Simpson defense.  Hence, the US Justice Department FBI complainant who was the focus of the subpoena would not have to testify.  Martz had been lightly reprimanded for offering perjured testimony 6 years earlier in a 1988 Florida case involving the appeal of a death row inmate, George Trepal.  The FBi was aware of Roger Martz’s incompetency back then but still allowed him to testify in the Simpson trial.

George Trepal Death Row Convict that Martz messed up

The Florida Court would later state of agent Martz in their ruling in 2000, five years after the Simpson trial ended,  “that (1) “Martz is either an incompetent examiner who did not knowingly testify falsely, or (2.) Martz is quite skilled and knowingly colored his testimony.  There is no doubt that the data available at the time of trial did not support the opinion Martz offered and that he knew it.”

However, one would think that the government’s investment in malfeasance would end there with Martz but it did not.  Another agent William Bodziak had testified during the Simpson trial that the retail stores who sold Bruno Magli shoes did not maintain an adequate record of who they’d sold those high end shoes to that cost between $160 and $180. back in the early ’90s.

bodziak william fbi special agent

It would later be revealed that the FBI knew of a Colorado target they were investigating who may have been with OJ’s ex-wife had purchased the infamous size twelve Bruno Magli Lorenzo model size 12 shoes from a Denver haberdashery.  In fact, they learned at least four months before Simpson’s January trial would begin on October 07, 1994 that their target had purchased two pair of the infamous alleged Bruno Magli Lorenzo model.  The name is redacted in the investigative report document that OMIG received from their sources.  However, it goes against what agent Bodziak proclaimed on the witness stand as revisited below.

MR. GOLDBERG: To your knowledge was a salesperson located there who could recall having sold a Bruno Magli shoe of either the Lorenzo or Lyon type to the Defendant?

MR. BODZIAK: No. To the best of my knowledge that was never done, because every store had a problem searching their records back that far.

bruno magli Lorenzo model shoe

bodziak-on-the-witness-stand with reebok tennis shoe (2)

The truth shown in the FBI’s investigative documents is that these stores did not have a problem maintaining records identifying who they had sold those Bruno Magli ordered shoes to.  None of their invoices, which were paid generally with credit cards, revealed that neither Simpson or his ex-wife Nicole to be one of those buyers.  The Bruno Magli store managers across the nation could not find that O.J. Simpson or his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson’s had bought shoes from any Bruno Magli stores.


Much of the malfeasance regarding he lies about Bruno Magli shoes is found under the federal reference number 62D-LA-172638.  So eager it appears of Bodziak’s interest in blaming the murders on O.J. Simpson that he did not even bother to go to the jail and measure Simpson’s foot for accuracy to compare with the shoe print photos.  However, OMIG did measure Simpson’s foot after seeing some of the sidewalk tile photos with a shoe fitting inside an 11 and 1/2 inch square sidewalk tile.

shoe print at Bundy outlined 001

Instead of agent Bodziak doing the same in 1994 he took a company paid investigative trip to the Adriatic side of Italy to the SILGA shoe sole manufacturer to compare the shoe print photos with shoe soles coming off SILGA’s production line, and claimed it to be the size 46/size 12 from SILGA’s U-2887 rubber mold.  However, OMIG would attain copies of the SILGA’s U-2887 shoe sole and after measuring Simpson’s foot we found that O.J.’s foot did not fit inside the size 12 shoe soles as Bodziak touted allegedly based upon his findings.   O.J.’s foot is shown as the green foot in the photo below super imposed on top of the SILGA size 12 shoe sole.   Green full foot padded 001

There was plenty to gain by promoting this sordid affair of malfeasance, this fraud.  Several of the principals signed and were paid several million dollars to write their memoir concerning the Simpson trial, others benefited and received promotions as a result of their involvement in the Simpson trial.  The one person who has suffered and not profited from this reality is OJ Simpson himself.  Whatever the motivation for engaging in this level of fraud was that one thing appears to be clear that sworn officers of the court either didn’t measure or didn’t care about the impact that a failure to reveal this malfeasance would have on the African American community of this nation.  The orchestrators of this fraud may have given the Russians we claim now the racial road map to be successful in dismantling this 400 year old  experiment of alleged American freedom.

OMIG investigators have written several books on the Simpson investigation and produced a documentary as well, all are available through Amazon.

serpents rising 3 by 4cover people vs oj simpsonamazon instant video in black and green backgroundamazon books imageconspiracy of assumption book cover twophoto book cover PURSUIT OF EXHIBIT 35double crossed for blood

One thought on “Ref: # 62D-LA-172638 in the matter of O.J. Simpson

  1. Danny Masterson conviction. At the 20:32 minute mark the two narrators bring up the close relationship between LAPD and the Church of Scientology. In the OJ Simpson case long time Church of Scientology figure Marsha Clark was the lead prosecutor of OJ Simpson in the most rigged prosecution of a US citizen in history of US jurisprudence. There was not a single piece of evidence that Simpson was the killer and the LAPD and LA DA’s office knew it.


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