FBI’s Firing of Strzok- Was it Harsh Punishment for OJ trial bad conduct?

Maddogg Guest Writer, Emilio Bertrone, OMIG Public Affairs Office

Was it a case of politics placating the demands of the Trump administration to fire top agent Peter Strzok for his publicized prejudice against Donald Trump as a candidate for President of the U.S. or was it the FBI enforcing the unwritten rule that no one shall embarrass the FBI?  FBI agent peter strzok during testimony

If it was the latter then maybe the FBI’s top honchos were finally doing the right thing and applying the heavy hand of discipline to someone caught recklessly placing the FBI in an embarrassing spotlight.   Many people felt that Strzok should be punished but the extraordinary severity of the punishment meted out to him was considered to be too harsh and way beyond the 60 day suspension that  one of his superiors called for.   Was this a demonstration for public consumption today or were they determined to make amends for the failure of the FBI to act to protect the integrity of the agency in 1995.    Is the Strzok action enough to mitigate the scandalous decisions of the FBI in protecting agents who had engaged in corrupt conduct during the OJ Simpson trial?

OJ Simpson Trial and Media Circus
The OJ Simpson trial and media circus. OJ Simpson appearing at his arraignment for the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. His lawyer Robert Shapiro is standing next to him. He plead not-guilty.

FBI agents engaged in deception and committed perjury on the witness stand during the Simpson trial.  That trial was a media event in 1994-95 that was exponentially more damaging than the Strzok affair.    What the protected agents did back then potentially undermined the justice system of this nation were their actions to be revealed in comparison to the acts of agent Peter Strzok.    He appeared to be simply engaging in his personal biased political banter with his girl friend using publicly owned communications’ devices while forgetting that the persona of the FBI should maintain the appearance of neutrality and remain above reproach.  However, in 1994 and 1995 the FBI chose to become deeply involved in actions that would tarnish the agency’s brand.

blood on bundy gate

OJ Simpsons Bedroom socks.

The blood on the gate and the blood on the socks.  Items an anonymous LAPD insider would tell Denver author Steven Singular were not to be trusted and would have Simpson’s blood taken from a collection vial lined with the highly concentrated anti-clotting preservative EDTA.  Unbeknownst to the FBI is the source for what they were asked to refute and ended up lying on the witness stand in an attempt to placate the state prosecutors in doing so by committing perjury. 

The FBI was contacted in late January of 1995 by one of the prosecutors in the Simpson trial, Rockne Harmon, and asked to refute the allegation that came to the attention of the defense and inadvertently to the prosecution by a Denver author’s publisher.  Stephen Singular who brought the alleged evidence from an anonymous LAPD inside source into the arena of the lawyers on both sides of the table in the Simpson trial was to be debunked by Harmon.

Rockne Harmon two (2)

Deputy D.A., Rockne Harmon, (L) DNA expert for L.A. county on loan from Northern Califormia’ s Alameda County Attorney’s office in Oakland.  Harmon shocked by the allegations was determined to debunk the information brought to L.A. by the Denver author, Stephen Singular.

The allegation of the anonymous LAPD insider was that the blood of O.J. Simpson on the socks found in his bedroom and a blood drop discovered three weeks after the murders on his ex-wife’s back gate had been planted.   The proof was that both blood sample found on those two things contained a highly concentrated preservative found in the blood collection vial called EDTA.   If it was found to be in high concentration it would prove that this particular blood came from a blood vial and not directly from Simpson.  An FBI agent named Roger Martz would attempt to follow the demands of Harmon to refute the claims brought to their attention by the anonymous LAPD insider and his conveyor, Stephen Singular.    What Martz did not do was the actual research to discover the concentration of EDTA on the samples sent to the FBI laboratory.   What he did do was allegedly abscond with the research of other agents subordinate to him who worked in the FBI’s chemical science laboratory in Quantico, Virginia where Martz was chief.  It was they who did the actual investigation of the blood samples sent to them.   Their boss, Agent Martz, allegedly took and modified the findings of the other scientists by first taking the witness stand and denying evidence of the preservative EDTA being found at all.  After being forced to acknowledge its presence as a hostile witness Martz would attempt to diminish the concentration of the preservative in order to favor the prosecution’s argument that Simpson’s blood was not planted.

frederic whitehurst white shirt (2)

Agent Fred Whitehurst, who the agency had dubbed as a whistle blower because he had filed over 200 complaints relative to malfeasance within the FBI’s laboratory in Quantico, Virginia.

Martz’s false testimony would cause multiple agents to approach another agent named Frederic Whitehurst who they knew had gained the unenviable reputation in the highest realms of the Bureau of being a whistle blower.   Out of fear of a negative impact on their own careers they encouraged Whitehurst to file a formal complaint with the USDOJ (Offuce of the Inspector General).  That complaint accused Roger Martz of lying and committing perjury on the witness stand.  As a result, the Office of the Inspector General was obligated to alert Simpson’s defense team who subsequently subpoenaed agent Whitehurst to come to Los Angeles to testify.

roger martz

FBI Special Agent Roger Martz took the witness stand in the OJ Simpson Murder Trial in 1995.

It turns out that the allegation of perjury is not a small infraction but a major destroyer of an agent’s career should FBI agents get caught committing perjury.   As a result of an executive order governing FBI conduct when testifying, they are subject to dismissal and imprisonment if caught committing perjury.   However, there is even a more internal concern of importance associated with lying while wearing the shield of the FBI and that is the potential embarrassment and destruction of the agency’s credibility.  The seriousness of such conduct must be taken into consideration at all times and thus the unwritten though rigid rule “thou shalt not embarrass the FBI”.  Hence, in 1994 and 95 when the FBI should have taken the appropriate step of applying heavy handed action in the Simpson case to dissuade such conduct they demurred.   For some strange reason the FBI decided to descend even further into the depths of depravity in their failure to quash the malfeasance of two agents were left to testify in the Simpson trial, agent Roger Martz and agent William Bodziak.    H=Judge Ito had already dismissed two others the public learned who had a history of shading evidence to favor prosecutors around the nation.  Instead of the FBI leadership calling Roger Martz out and shutting him down before his entry into this celebrated trial of the 20th century, they went into their clandestine role to conceal his malfeasance.   The FBI already knew that Martz was on an internal probation for his fabricated testimony during a death row appeal trial in Florida back in 1988.  The court would subsequently disparagingly cite the conduct of Martz in their ruling against George Trepal’s death row appeal.  Within that ruling the court would claim that Martz was an incompetent which was consistent with what the complaint filed with the OIG alleged.  It appears that Martz was faking it as much as possible since he did not have the academic qualifications to be heading the FBI’s chemical laboratory.  Whether the agents who exposed Martz’s deficiencies did it on professional grounds or because the enormously celebrated Simpson trial gave them the platform to force the Agency to get rid of Martz is unknown, however, the results were the same..Martz called incompetent by the FLA court

The agency now had become entangled in a web of deceit that surrounded the Simpson case which now involved a massive fraud perpetrated by state prosecutors and defense lawyers within the state of California.   Both sides had cooperated behind closed doors to conceal evidence of the last time Simpson’s ex-wife was last known to be alive.  They hid knowledge of other violent persons as well that Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were associating with.  Shortly after the Simpson civil trial ended in 1997 when investigators from the Ocean Medical Investigative Group (OMIG) began to ask questions about the legitimacy of the manner of death in the autopsy reports the prosecutors started to take notice.   However, a year later in 1998 it was the credibility of the last phone call that OMIG discovered that was stipulated by lawyers on both sides to have occurred at 09:37 PM that would become the major focus.  As OMIG closed in, all of the records would be secretly removed from the Simpson case file by April 24, 1998.   The 09:37 PM alleged final call was an impossible time because it reduced a normal one and a half to two hour drive of Simpson’s in-laws, the brown family, between Brentwood, Los Angeles to extreme southern Orange County’s Dana Point to an approximate forty-five minute drive.  OMIG went public with its concerns and was contacted by traffic engineers of the California Department of Transportation and they assured us given the traffic volumes that look like the photo below that it was no way the Browns traveled on a southern California Freeway, particularly the I-405, on June 12, 1994 that would allow a departure from Brentwood around 08:45 PM and an arrival in Dana Point, Orange County to make a 09:37 PM phone call back to Brentwood.

I 405 freeway.jpg

As OMIG continued its probing into the Simpson fraud clandestine operatives inside both the California law enforcement apparatus as well as the federal justice system continued to provide OMIG with credible information of this massive official corruption called the  OJ Simpson trial of the century.  Once again it involves the FBI lying about something we already began to challenge in the year 2000 when looking at the shoe prints in blood at the murder site, and that was the actual dimensions of the shoes that the murderer was supposedly wearing at the time.  The images found in blood made a unique pattern that allowed an FBI agent named William Bodziak to discern quite rapidly that those prints by August 30, 1994 were made by a unique brand of shoe called Bruno Magli size 12  Lorenzo or Lyon models.   Bodziak leads one to believe that he got into the game in the fall of 1994, but the evidence indicates that he had targeted the Simpson case to become involved by virtual self-appointment by mid-summer of 1994 within a month of  the murders taking place.

Bruno Magli shoe prints show less than 12 inches

The alleged Bruno Magli shoes shown above were discovered by the research of William Bodziak in Mid-Summer 1994.

The problem that stands out when looking at the shoe prints is that the middle portion where the Bruno Magli logo is located on the shoe’s sole is blocked out, and both Bodziak and OMIG now know that the shoe sole that made the print seen above was not simply found on the brand of Bruno Magli shoes alone but was sold by its manufacturer to 20 additional brands besides Bruno Magli.  Thus, the FBI agent had odds that were about 2000 per cent against him choosing the right brand of shoe when he first saw this impression in blood.  Instead agent Bodziak decided to make a crucial choice himself at that moment, equally as disparaging as the conduct of agent Roger Martz.  Bodziak apparently chose to role the dice and lie or equally wrong, withhold the truth, while putting the FBI’s credibility once again on the line.   This photo below would raise further questions concerning Bodziak’s credibility.  It would take OMIG about 30 to 60 days but it would finally find the dimensions of these side walk tiles at the murder site at Nicole Brown Simpson’s condo and they were stated by the lead prosecutor Tom Lange to be eleven and one half inches square.   It require OMIG to acquire a copy of the SILGA U2887 size 12 shoe sole because if they were anywhere near the size of the shoe prints found in the side walk tile OMIG investigators knew it was unlikely such a shoe that small fit OJ Simpson’s foot.


Subsequently OMIG attained a copy of the SILGA u2887 size 12 shoe sole from the Italian manufacturer and would also attain a tracing of O.J. Simpson’s foot where one can see that even though the soles are approximately 3/4 of an inch longer than the side walk tiles Simpson’s green colored foot would not fit comfortably into these $160-180 pair of shoes.  It’s often said that men will cry more than women do about a shoe that does not fit.   In particular they will voice their displeasure about one that is excruciatingly too tight especially when they are asked to pay what they consider to be a high price for a pair of shoes.  If a man pays for a high priced shoe the unofficial rule is they better be a comfortable fit or there could be problems.  Even prior to OMIG attaining a tracing of Simpson’s foot we highly doubted that a shoe with the physical dimensions of a size 10 and 1/2 US shoe would fit his foot.

Green full foot padded 001

It would be former agents who made contact with OMIG and told us more about the shoe print investigation and would give OMIG access to 53 pounds of documents attained under the Freedom of Information Act.  OMIG has been shuttling back and forth from three locations to examine and make copies of these documents with some startling results.

Documents whitehurst FBI FOIA

It turns out that agent Bodziak’s statements on the witness stand may not have been totally honest either.  According to him when asked he stated that he did not have knowledge of the Bruno Maglis being sold to OJ Simpson “because every store had a problem searching their records back that far”.   Well that latter statement simply was not true those that did not keep records couldn’t locate the buyer while some others did.  Bodziak was designated as Supervisory Special Agent by at least September 27, 1994 and became the main contact person in the FBI’s investigation of the Bruno Magli shoes which he had targeted.   By early October it  appears that the FBI knew the majority of Bruno Magli retail stores  that had taken orders for these Bruno Magli shoes and also knew to whom some had been sold in the Bruno Magli Lyon or Lorenzo Size 12 shoes.  The FBI knew that the purchasers bought their Bruno Maglis by credit card for the rather expensive casual shoe in 1990-1992.  However, some smaller stores appeared not to keep continual records of who may have purchased shoes at their stores.

Bruno Magli FBI investigation ID shoe stores

They knew by that date in October of 1994, that none of the Bruno Magli retail outlets had indicated that they had sold any size 12 Bruno Magli shoes to either O.J. Simpson or Nicole Brown Simpson.  However, it appears that the FBI had fixated on a store in Denver, Colorado that was a part of the Tom James Haberdashery franchise.  The documents indicate that the FBI for some reason was interested in someone who had purchased two pair of the size 12 Lorenzo Model of Bruno Magli shoes with a residential address and drivers license in the state of Colorado.   As you can see, the name of the individual has been redacted by black magic marker.

Bruno Magli FBI investigation of interested party in Denver


Neither Simpson nor his ex-wife Nicole were noted as having a residential address in Colorado.   However, Nicole had dated a man who resided in Colorado that moved to L.A. to manage the Mezzaluna Restaurant there after leaving another in Aspen, Colorado.  Thus, a number of questions arise as to why the FBI’s investigation now narrowed down to one individual with government identification from Colorado.   Who was this Colorado person of interest to the FBI and what if any connection to the principals in the O.J. Simpson case did they have?  Why didn’t William Bodziak tell the world when he took the witness stand that he and his peers in the agency had targeted a person of interest who had purchased what he determined to be the accurate size Bruno Magli shoes that made the bloody prints at the Bundy murder site?  There’s the possibility that the anonymous name redacted during the Colorado investigation had no relationship to any of the Simpson principals.  However, ours is no more leap of faith than what Bodziak displayed in his effort to put O.J. Simpson in those Bruno Magli shoes.

bodziak-william-fbi-special-agentbruno magli shoe with bodziak holding solebruno-magli-shoe-inside-thickness

Bodziak didn’t bother to go to the jail and measure Simpson’s foot and was asked why by the prosecutor, Hank Goldberg, during direct examination.  Just saying Simpson wore a size 12 is saying something that in the end is saying nothing simply because size is not definitive and only can give one an estimate of how large a person’s foot is.   Needless to say that in a case of this magnitude accuracy would appear to be paramount.  That accuracy would not come unless Simpson’s foot was closely measured.  His answer as to why he did not measure Simpson’s foot was inadequate, as was his excuse for allowing the FBI to  allegedly be insulted when he asked for and was denied a search warrant to go in as a shoe print expert and examine other shoes in Simpson’s closet.  Thus, Bodziak was given a tennis shoe that got lost in the chain of custody to make what sounds like empirical statements linking the bloody prints to OJ Simpson wearing Bruno Magli shoes.  Photos of Simpson allegedly wearing such shoes would not show up until approximately two years later in time for the second Simpson civil trial in December 1996-January 1997.

oj-simpson wearing the BM shoes full length on the day photo was taken in Buffalo

According to the defense photo expert Robert Groden those 30 photos allegedly taken of Simpson wearing Bruno Magli Lorenzo model shoes said he was told by Simpson lawyers, the National Enquirer spent a small fortune having them made up in England.   It appears that there is new fodder to throw on the fire of the long standing Simpson debate, however, each question that is answered indicates a deep level of corruption involved.  The immediate question is did the FBI salvage their own credibility on the threshold of destruction by reckless actors like Martz who committed perjury that they allowed to retire without disgrace and did they allow the same grace for Bodziak as well.

peter strzok done If so, sacrificing Strzok and throwing him to the wolves in the face of this level of malfeasance that reached the depth of criminal corruption in 1995 verging, in our opinion, on criminal sedition does nothing to ameliorate the damage that the above former agents have caused.  If the FBI knows that actors within the state of California hid exculpatory evidence to frame Simpson then it should act to assure the world that it has true integrity by clearing this matter up.  The FBI should come forth with the evidence to heal the racial animus that the Simpson case appears to be intended to create from its fraudulent inception.   We expect those who have caused this damage to be held responsible since the statute of limitation does not begin to run yet on concealed evidence.  The first thing the FBI could do towards that end is to attain the Juditha Brown phone records never shown to the jury and secretly and surreptitiously removed by those state actors, acting under the color of authority, from Simpson’s case file on April 24, 1998.  It’s time to prove your integrity.

Judge reids order 4 24 98 OMIG-FINI

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