Maddogg’s Real Truth Guest Writer, OMIG Investigator, T.H. Johnson

photo of Marvin Glass in newspaperFred goldman_and patti his wife

Fred Goldman, the bereaved father of the O.J. Simpson case, married the wife of a gangster-lawyer, who controlled his own attempted murder-for-hire, leg breaking crew in Illinois.  His name was Marvin Glass, the fellow to the left in the dark image above.  He was a man who had issues with Fred Goldman just as Goldman had with him regarding the family Glass appeared to consider Fred had stolen when he went to prison.  Glass harbored such intense feelings generally presumably because he was diagnosed by pre-trial medical doctors as being a Malignant Narcissist, suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, the same disease US Army Medical doctors ascribed to former brutal Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein before he was hanged.

Sadam Husseinphoto of Marvin Glass in newspaper (2)

By the time of his sentencing to federal prison Glass had escaped an attempted murder for hire conviction by the skin of his teeth.  In that case Glass allegedly had hired two familiar figures in his own criminal crew to attack Glass’s law partner, Michael Pritzker, while jogging in North Chicago’s Lincoln Park.  Supposedly the original order was to break Pritzker’s legs as it was passed down to Glass operative, Jack Kurnat.  However, Kurnat subcontracted the hit on Pritzker to one of his own associates Joseph DeCicco.  The latter figure, DeCicco, shot Prtizker through his temple in the park almost killing him.  Since Pritzker and DeCicco’s stories clashed on Glass’s involvement the latter figure, Glass, was acquitted of attempted murder.  It was allegedly over a dispute regarding money and client files at the time the two legal partners were separating that caused Glass to place a contract on Pritzker.  Another witness during the attempted murder trial named Roderick Mollison testified that Glass had contracted two men who stalked and beat Mollison so savagely that he had to be placed in a hospital.   Mollison, just like Pritzker, had filed a lawsuit claiming money was owed to him by Glass upon his departure from the law firm that he Pritzker and Glass were partners.

Related image

Pritzker & Glass, Ltd., of Chicago 

Thus, Marvin Glass was a man with psychotic tendencies to hurt people he considered were taking something that belonged to him no matter how trivial it might be.  To him, Goldman took something valuable and by doing so may have placed his own children in harm’s way.  Glass became crippled from HIV/AIDS that he allegedly contracted from a blood transfusion with infected blood when injured by a highway vehicle while on the run from law enforcement.   Goldman allegedly beat him with his own cane in his wheel chair at a Jewish Social Center in a northern suburb of Chicago, Illinois.   Glass’s 11-year-old son, Brian, purportedly jumped in between the two to take the force of the beating.  Brian who took the cane whipping was used to Goldman allegedly beating him while his father was in prison.   His father, Marvin, became a reliable confidential informant aka SNITCH for the FBI and DEA to keep from going to prison for 210 years.   Charged as a member of a major drug conspiracy in the criminal RICO case involving cocaine, Glass became the middleman and broker for the Colombian drug cartels for which he took a cut.  He also became the defense attorney for those associated with his drug associates who were charged with crimes, thus, Marvin made money on both sides.

operation greylord image

Glass would become responsible for helping the FBI make the largest bribery case in history in Illinois against 17 judges and other law enforcement officials in a sting called “Operation Greylord”.  During this time Glass was under the control of now noted author Scott Turow who was the U.S. District Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois at the time.   Turow’s book, PERSONAL INJURIES appears to mirror the life of Marvin Glass as a confidential informant very closely.  Turow’s license would be threatened with revocation when one of Glass’s former clients, Ronald Ofshe, filed an appeal while doing 15 years in a federal prison camp in Florida.  The issue under appeal was Ofshe’s perceived entitlement to attorney-client privacy which was violated by Glass wearing a wire while interacting with his client Ofshe, and then turning over those taped conversations to Glass’s federal handler, District Attorney Scott Turow.  The appellate court did not over turn Ofshe’s conviction but put in pretty harsh words how it felt and sent to the licensing board of Illinois concerning Turow’s conduct.

personal injuries book coverSCOTT TUROW

It appeared that Ron Goldman mimicked Marvin Glass more than he did his own dad, and Fred’s step son Brian said Ron engaged in fisticuffs with Fred Goldman on several occasions.  Furthermore, Ron reportedly dealt cocaine in Los Angeles based on interviews we at OMIG had with people who complained to park authorities about his open dealing in the Cheviot Hills Tennis Court’s parking lot.   Due to the park boards lack of cooperation in confirming whether Ron was fired or not we turned to our sources in the L.A. Superior Courthouse to determine whether the Good Samaritan son of Fred Goldman had a criminal history.  It turns out that Ron had a 6-inch thick criminal case file that authorities tried to hide and conceal from us that just like Glass is protected by the same kind of law that protects SNITCHES but in Ron’s case in the state of California, entitled Gov’t Code Section 6254(f).  It may have explained why Ron Goldman was able to run up so many reckless driving charges even with a suspended license in both Los Angeles and Ventura counties without doing any major jail time.

fred and kim goldman

When Goldman’s daughter was asked about what her father Fred did for a living she didn’t know what work he did.  In her deposition she talked about dating her brother’s friend, Michael Nigg, on several occasions in her deposition.  Nigg allegedly got Ron his job as a waiter at the Mezzaluna even though at the time Ron Goldman had thousands of dollars in bench warrants outstanding for his arrest for ducking previous court arraignments on four different occasions over three years.

Michael Nigg pictureron goldman oneBrett Cantor

Michael Nigg (L) murder victim in 1995, his friend Ron Goldman (C) murdered in June 1994.  Brett Cantor (R) at his gay nightclub, the Dragonfly.  He was slashed to death in 1993 a year before his friend and fellow Dragonfly patron and club booster, Ron Goldman, was slashed to death.

Nigg was killed almost a year after Ron, and two years after their friend Brett Cantor was knifed to death.   Drugs allegedly were involved in the death of Cantor, the owner of the Hollywood Gay club, the Dragonfly, another location that Ron Goldman allegedly worked as well.  Cantor who was killed with a knife and allegedly had his throat slit and head almost decapitated, not unlike Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole.

His name is Ron book (2)

Fred Goldman said in his book about his son HIS NAME IS RON that this gangster, attempted murderer, drug king pin, federal snitch, Marvin Glass was in close proximity to him and his family in Los Angeles around the time of Ron’s murder.   Glass was supposedly there for his daughter’s graduation from junior high school on June 15, 1994 which took place two days after Fred Goldman was told his son was killed on June 13, 1994.  Although Goldman mentions this violent criminal 8 times in his book he does so without ever mentioning his name, and lies about his profession by calling him a retired defense attorney when he knew this gangster-lawyer, former Cook County Illinois prosecutor, was stripped of his law license when he was sentenced to federal prison.  Fred Goldman and his daughter, Kim, have simply acted like two grifters still trying to extort money from this case where the police and LADA placed the blame for the son’s death on OJ Simpson after only 15 hours of investigation when the crime tape came down by 3:15 PM on June 13, 1994.

Marvin Glass grave marker in Illinois

Marvin Glass had the ability at one time to reach out a long way because he had killers who would act on his orders, along with a lot of money, and connections to the violent drug cartels.  Given his feelings towards Goldman stealing and abusing his family, which easily could be attributed to his psychological illness of NPD, it’s not a far stretch to consider that Glass would have found it fitting to take the life of Goldman’s son.  Those that are afflicted with Malignant Narcissism place very little value on the lives of others.  Since the former flamboyant wealthy lawyer, Glass, was soon to die from his own terminal illness of HIV/AIDS, taking the young Goldman’s life would insure that his adversary Fred Goldman would suffer emotional pain for the rest of his life.

T.H. Johnson is a research investigator and leader of the OMIG investigative team in the field.  He has written several books and produced one documentary entitled SERPENTS RISING: The OJ Simpson Conspiracy.

photo book cover PURSUIT OF EXHIBIT 35cover people vs oj simpsonserpents rising 3 by 4





    1. Thank you Trisha Morrison for pointing out our error of failing to be more inclusive of information within our revelations in the Simpson case that agreeably does make that section sound idiotic. Our editors have asked that we reduce the length of our articles regarding this investigation. However, the words that should not have been removed from the article are the following: ” (Marvin) Glass became crippled from HIV/AIDS he allegedly contracted from an infected blood transfusion when injured by a highway vehicle in Florida when he was on the run from law enforcement.”


  1. Trying to place blame any where other than O.J. Simpson is truly moronic. As dumb as the jurors who claim they didn’t understand what dna was. You are the grifter, not the Goldman’s.


    1. Julie,
      Most of you in the viewing audience who respond in the manner you have are simply angry as a result of the false narrative with its racial undertones that was implemented to disarm your intelligence. You are thus rendered ignorant, null and void, about DNA or any other empirical evidence associated with the Simpson case, since you have done no due diligence. Your judgment has to move beyond emotion and remain completely under control, and stolidly objective. That is the first rule of this investigative organization (Ocean Medical Investigative Group) OMIG. So quit attempting to assert some type of pretentious erudite intellect, fueled by emotional anger with what appears to be a tinge of your own racial animus towards the jury, regarding something that you truly do not have all of the facts about. You can’t make any type of objective claim concerning the DNA in the Simpson case, which the FBI laboratory determined was contaminated with a highly concentrated preservative, EDTA, indicating that the blood belonging to Simpson found at the murder site and the blood found on the socks on Simpson’s bedroom carpet belonging to Nicole Brown Simpson came from a blood collection vile. The truth is that one of two FBI agents, Roger Martz, attempted to enter fraudulent evidence in the Simpson trial by diminishing the concentration of EDTA in Simpson’s DNA (blood) while testifying under oath. This fact is still being concealed due to a deal struck by top FBI officials to keep other FBI agents off the witness stand who filed a complaint of perjury with the USDOJ/Office of the Inspector General, Case File 9403575 after Martz’s testimony. These FBI agents were subsequently subpoenaed by the defense to publicly testify against another FBI agent lying and committing perjury on the witness stand in the so called “trial of the century” but the deal to protect the perceived integrity of the FBI kept them off the witness stand in the final hour. It was requested of the FBI lab by one of the Simpson prosecutors, a DNA expert outside the loop, on loan from Oakland, CA, Rockne Harmon, apparently attempting to protect himself from getting caught up in the LADA, Marcia Clark and Gil Garcetti’s acts of obstruction of justice. Harmon asked the FBI in late Janurary prior to the trial getting under way to refute any allegation of the blood being contaminated with EDTA unfortunately other agents tired of the unprofessional, toxic racial and xenophobic atmosphere within the FBI lab took the opportunity of the Simpson trial to expose this corrupt conduct of fraudulently framing innocent people to advance one’s career. Change your tone regarding who you claim are grifters, since this agency, OMIG, does its due diligence and grants no one the privilege of presumption regarding evidence. Get your evidence correct first before making such claims. Have a good day….


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